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  1. What about 2x breeding permament? You make all permament except 2x breeding thats not amazing
  2. @lilpanda @Cedric PC 199 island server is dead, more than 35 hours offline and won't come online please check out your machine because it's crashing everyday and robberbanding
  3. PC Server Island PvE 199 crashing everyday, today still offline more than 5 hours and previous time it's was been 5-6 hours offline too server can't automaticlly start again after crashing. Also high ping 150-200. Can you please say it to devs that they checkout the server machine and server. Thanks
  4. EU-PVE-Official-TheIsland43 is offline more than 4 hours everyday its crashing and won't come to online. Everyday i make reports outage form and tweeting to thelilpanda wildcard server administrator and it's not helping that its not only 1 server which making this same issue and i am sure another people have same.
  5. Just freeze your all dinos with cryopod and just renew your base if you don't like event.
  6. Same for Ragnarok, Island, Valguero servers too many times down. Valguero 525 down. Sometimes servers is down 5-6 hours and even if you make report nothing happen. PS: Servers crashing and ping is high 100-255 and not playable.
  7. 2 feroxes died when you used elements to mutate and that timer ended then its mutating to back and anti-meshing is killed ferox everytime. Map: Genesis
  8. Tamed just bloodstalker 140 lvl and anti meshing destroyed it Map: Genesis
  9. Tamed today bloodstalker and anti meshing destroyed it Map: Genesis
  10. Giant bees they have more than 1 bee hive when you destroying bee hive and giant bee was stucking in bee hive and it's get anti-meshing destroyed when you tamed it. Map: Abberation
  11. @Cedric What about make fishing include all fishes not only coelacanth
  12. Ragnarok, Ankylo fall trough mountain and anti smeshing destroyed it. X=269965.094 Y=24127.760 Z=51574.4411
  13. At ragnarok map overspawn fire wyverns and zombie wyverns. Like 200-300 fire wyverns and zombie wyverns at snow biome and they dont make eggs. No ice wyverns there they just not spawn. @Cedric can you please fix this.
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