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  1. What about 2x breeding permament? You make all permament except 2x breeding thats not amazing
  2. I can tell you guys nothing good about gm rose too i had too many tickets with her/him and no helps and no result
  3. Yea like i said you need to go ARK\ShooterGame\Content\OldAssets\UI\HUD folder then copy SansationBold18.uasset to ARK\ShooterGame\Content\Localization\Game\global folder and replace it. It's a same file what i was uploading mega.nz because u can find it at HUD folder and just copy and replace it to global folder.
  4. there this SansationBold18.uasset file https://mega.nz/file/gckn3LxR#Rkk1cYc2XhGe2pam5vWQ3diYFTfgYASPecRmgNApC-Y
  5. @lilpanda @Cedric PC 199 island server is dead, more than 35 hours offline and won't come online please check out your machine because it's crashing everyday and robberbanding
  6. Don't know about PVP if its good for it but i am thinking about PVE situation.
  7. Same implant sample on every character on same steamID Hello everyone! I am looking on situation that most people is lost characters due that i want to suggestion my idea what will prevent this and most support tickets will be gone about this problem. When you make new character it's will be same implant sample ID like your previous characters it's will be effected STEAM ID so, same STEAM ID will be same sample ID every character. That will prevent that GM's don't need to every dino change sample ID on imprints because we all are know when you lost character you get new sample ID and
  8. Tribe mate allow imprint your dinos Hello, everyone some years ago old school people wanted that on official servers will be configuration ?AllowAnyoneBabyImprintCuddle=true that will allow that your tribe mates can imprint your dinos. If someone tribe mate is working, sicking or sleeping you can help your tribe mate to imprint his dinos and that will helping alot that he don't need wake up every 8 hours to imprint also dosen't need use cryopod for freeze it. I think it's will be disbalance at PvP but for PvE that new feature will be awesome for us. Just need to add this configuration to off
  9. You miss one thing, that with this new feature most new people will drop example wyvern eggs instead eating them and as you know when people drop wyvern eggs trench will be buggy and someone need pickup it via quetzal because when spoiling timer is 0:00 they not disappear untill you not pick it up.
  10. They give message 15 min warning and then coming point point point in 10 sec and offline server
  11. So there will be 19 glitch fixes more then its 30/30
  12. That same problem was with megachelon that it's was costing alot shards and its was been fixed. So just devs should see this topic it's not hard to fix it.
  13. Thylacaleo cloning cost bug Hello, devs i trying today cloning level 2 thylacaleo in official servers and level 2 thylacaleo costed 305000 shards to starting clone. Can you please fix it? @Jatheish
  14. PC Server Island PvE 199 crashing everyday, today still offline more than 5 hours and previous time it's was been 5-6 hours offline too server can't automaticlly start again after crashing. Also high ping 150-200. Can you please say it to devs that they checkout the server machine and server. Thanks
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