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  1. Looks neat. Sure hope the 'fear' doesn't force a dismount. That's already a hassle underwater. I could see it being more of a damage debuff, though.
  2. No pic, but i managed to hatch a Thorny Dragon that had its back scaling mutate to a moss green-like color.
  3. Calling it now, it'll be tamed with Rockcarrots.
  4. Maybe i should have been specific, this was for the Xbox version. I just checked again to be sure, no upload option.
  5. Sounds good and all, but is the transferring available now? I just checked on a PvE server i play on and i don't see the option to upload dinos from the Center. Just wondering.
  6. A mantis style creature (at least twice the size of a person?), not tamed by traditional methods, is cunning (?), and apparently when tamed, assists you in some way with crafting? What is it with the bugs lately though, yeesh..
  7. It's a little disturbing, that's what it is.
  8. I knew the Titan would be big, but DAMN. Thing makes a Bronto look like a puppy and a Rex like a squirrel.
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