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  1. i dont know if this has to be said but i think that there should be multiple winners for this vote for a few reasons. reason 1 is extiction is a large map with not a lot of biodiversity so it would be awsome to have quite a few winners like the top 3 or 5. And my 2nd reason is because of the amazing calaberation between the top 10 submitters.
  2. - Barinasuchus Arks Pirate Crocodile Barinasuchus was described in 2007 by Alfredo Paolillo and Omar Linares The holotype comes from the rocks of the Parángula Formation, located in Barinas, Venezuela and consists of an incomplete, articulated skull. Like other sebecosuchians, it was a terrestrial carnivore equipped with ziphodont teeth, remarkably similar to those of theropods, which are compressed laterally, curved facing backwards, and with serrated borders. This dentition made it a formidable predator. The barinasuchus is a large sebecosuchian at 10-12 meters that would be very fast with a devastating bite. The barino would be a medium sized creature that would have a bonebreak bite and a tackle attack. I think that it would be an offensive powerhouse being able to wrestle dinos knocking players off their dinos. Barinosuchus Wild The barinasuchus is one of the most unique creatures I've ever seen and it's larger than a carnotaurus. The barino has a jaw built to shatter bone and tear flesh with its strong curved and conical teeth; it is no fish hunter. They don't hunt near water at all because they prefer terrestrial prey which makes sense due to the fact that that's what they hunted millions of years ago. They have the peculiar behavior of wrestling opponents to the ground knocking their ridder off and dealing heavy damage. Even stranger its patterns and eyes glow blue once its body starts pumping adrenaline. They live in grasslands and jungles. They are incredibly fast especially for their size and the adrenaline rush only makes them faster and stronger. Domesticated Once tamed this creature is an invaluable tame to any tribe for defense or offense. It has the ability to force itself to produce adrenaline to get a buff in speed and strength.The barinosuchus is normally used in spelunking expeditions to find treasure in these caves, they have a strange property to glow blue when it's near treasure or artifacts. They can be equipped with a saddle that holds up to two people, strangely the Barino’s saddle is normally adorned with pirate-like markings and chains and can carry large amounts of weapons and treasure. Taming method: In order to tame the Barino you must earn its respect by giving it high tier loot/treasure the higher the tier of the loot the more taming effectiveness. Bonebreak bite: the Bonebreak bite stacks damage the longer you hold it, when landed it does a new status effect for dinos and players called bone shatter which slows you down and limits your dinos abilities. Adrenaline boost: boosts malee damage and speed also makes patterns and eyes glow neon blue. Treasure hunter: buff that makes the barino’s patterns glow blue (glows brighter the closer you are to artifacts and loot boxes) Spelunker buff: entering a cave gives the Barino a buff which gives +40% damage , +30% damage resistance, and +50% health regen. The brethren of the Sebecid buff: The Barino, Fasalo, and Kapro all get a buff while near each other(this also includes any sebecids that comes to the game in the future), giving a buff that adds +30% damage, +40% damage resistance, and +40% health regen to all sebecids in a 40 meter radius. Alpha Barino drops: Barino head trophy (setting for just skull or with skin), Barino skeleton skin, Barino decorative skeleton, and Barino pirate skin. Saddle decorated with pirate coins, chains,and pirate swords. Barino pirate skin with scars and gold teeth. Size: The Barino is a bit larger than a roll rat, alpha Barino twice the size of a roll rat.
  3. The Hell Ant is a species of ant that lived during the cretaceous. Hell ants have two features found in no living species: highly specialized scythe-like mandibles and a wide diversity of horns that are present on what is essentially the forehead. Paleontologists have long suspected that unique mouthparts of the 16 known species of hell ant hinged shut vertically, rather than horizontally as is the case in all living ant species. But the newly described specimen is the first hard evidence that this is indeed how these early ants' sharp jaws functioned. The only way for prey to be captured in such an arrangement is for the ant mouthparts to move up and downward in a direction unlike that of all living ants and nearly all insects.The particular hell ant locked inside this fossilized amber is Ceratomyrmex ellenbergeri and its prey, which has its head smashed between the ant’s jaws, is a cockroach-relative called Caputoraptor elegans. I think this creature would work perfectly for aberration due to the fact that it is an incredibly strange looking creature. I think its uses would be aiding in taming reapers and stealing drake eggs. It would have a charge up attack where it opens its mandibles and hold it open and then release it traps up to medium sized creatures and causing bleed, it would also have a sting attack that it could while trapping a creature, it would do poison damage and making you slower and slower and if gone unchecked can will stop you from being able to jump or use tools until you eventually die they can also climb vertical surfaces. Its main ability is the ability to synchronize pheromones with reapers making them able to impregnate you without attacking or having to lose health, they would also be able to steal drake eggs and spray a pheromone that makes drakes not chase you(this might be able to be done with wyverns as well but probably not). They would probably spawn in the blue zone of AB. In order to tame them you would have to go into a nest and steal a larva and use pheromones that you get from adults. There is a rare chance for you to get a male and a rarer chance to get a queen, once they mate your queen can continue making eggs that your tamed workers can take care of and inprint the larva and possibly other babys. The males have wings and can fly but only for short periods of time, the queens can be ridden but are slow and have some different abilities, they have a stronger pheromone and can use her pheromones to call reapers to defend them. There are also soldiers which sacrifice most of their pheromone usage, have more horns and can spray a corrosive acid from their stinger. Hell ant hatch rate: Males: 20% chance Queens: 5% chance Soldier: 30% chance Worker: 45% chance Size Queen: Slightly larger than a role rat Male: Between the size of a role rat and ravager (has wings) Soldier: Slightly larger than the males Worker: same size as the males Possible new structure: ant nest. The ant nest would be all over the map down at the blue area, where you can go down into multiple tunnels including the larva room. More information: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/amber-fossil-shows-hell-ant-was-unlike-anything-alive-today-180975522/ https://www.youtube.com/shorts/VOZYADaisV4
  4. @ ZCI5250 who did the art for your dosseir? just wondering i need art done for my hatzegopteryx for the next vote.
  5. they first anounsed ASA less than a month ago. They will probly give us gameplay after the dino vote winner is fully done and ready to be shown off with the trailer.
  6. This is a stupid comment. ASE has some extremely outdated graphics and a lot of bugs. With ASA meshing will be completely proventable. Modding using UE5 will be thousands of times easier. They have already said that they would be releasing a dlc with new creatures as well as content updates once the game comes out. Its just silly that people are complaining about something they will inevitably buy anyway. They heard us and gave us a better deal so its annoying that people are still complaining.
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