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  1. You didn't read above? WC is going to put it in the game as some point and take away the mod version. Your other comments can be used against any company. If you don't have ASA then why comment. People with comments that are just straight negative or slander should stay quit because your not helping. What you said doesn't give feed back to help improve the game in anyway. Your not the only one that has done or is doing it but the only way to help improve the game is by giving better feed back in which WC can use. There is a lot of players still and from my understanding ASE didn't start off that big, but grow and only got "big" when Gen 1 & 2 came out. That is when a lot of people really started to play the game. This was close to the end of the first game life cycle because even back then the newer players wanted more which is what drove ASE to become ASA. I am happy with the graphics and how it looks, a lot better then the first game. The mod program is nice, I'm trying to learn the devkit myself, and the community support is great. We just all need to take a chile pill and relax. The maps will come. I believe WC is working with the OG maker of each of the free maps to get their input and make each map better for all of us. We all wanted new dinos and WC gave us the chance to add official dinos to the game. One is here and that is good. Yes it is sad the map it was post to come out on, Rag, was changed to the Center and that map was pushed back. We don't have any information on why, just that the team helping WC needed more time, or when it will come out but I'm willing to wait. I just hope WC goes the extra effort and gives the Center, Rag, and Val their own unique boss fights CI, LI, and Fjordur have.
  2. I hope they are giving the Center a unique boss fight and not just a copy of the island bosses. Main reason I never tried the Center on ASE as it didn't really offer anything different than the Island. The same for Ragnarok and Valguero. Please give them their own unique boss fights.
  3. Everyone complaining about not getting the Shastasaurus with the Center please remember that they did say they are having problems getting the saddle everyone is wanting for it to work correctly. I can't remember when they said it, I want to say right before ASA came out or around that time, but they did mention they are working on it and was having problems. Yes we can ask but don't get upset about it or start yelling at the overworked devs.
  4. Can you make it so we could search for the creator. Some creators have more than one mod out, like Garuga123, and trying to find mods by the creators can take some time unless you know the name of the mod.
  5. My wife is/been waiting for ASA to coming out and with your annoucment of the PS5 version coming out was nice but when she checked her store, she japanese, the store doesn't give her the option to download it yet. Has the Japanese version been delayed for some reason?
  6. I would like it if people would calm down. They are bring full crossplay at some point. This is a big deal. Not may games out there an say this. It is sad that PS5 and Xbox is delayed but they will be able to play together.
  7. I liked the jumping spider when I first saw it a few creature submissions ago. I just think is would make a grat light pet style creature with the bola ability and climbing pick option.
  8. This would be a cool addition to Abb. With "limited" everyday dinos this would be nice. Only thing I believe could make this better is to have it be red prof so you can go into the red zone with it. And it would make more sense to find this in the blue zone where it can be said is the darkest part of the map.
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