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  1. Is it possible to get more info on the waterfall base image on the header? A source for it? Or can someone tell me where this is?
  2. I like the look of it. Seems to be utilising zip lines though which is worrying. Really hoping it's Ridable though. Ridable with wall climbing abilities. And maybe some night time bat like ability like.. sonar or something.
  3. Is this the hyenadon? Haha so confused. It looks fantastic however. Loving the pouches on the harness
  4. Anyone know how to unlock more hair styles? I only ask because one featured quite a lot in the gamespot preview was a tied back style and it doesn't seem to be available. That being said, the hair /beard system is amazing. Best I've seen in any game. Looking forward to the new styles
  5. Can't wait for the paid horse armour DLC! Edit. God damn it. Should have read entire thread first. Someone obviously beat me to the punch. I was too eager. How embarrassing.
  6. Is it just me that doesn't notice a difference with the old UW caves? Was the visual update pushed back? If it's written somewhere and I've missed it then forgive me. Just wondering what's going on with them.
  7. I did actually. and rather embarrassingly and ironically somehow missed the bit in bold which states it. however i don't think that gives you the right to be rude. a simple 'yes you can, it says it in the post. you obviously just missed it old chum but mistakes happen' would have been fine
  8. Does anyone know if the devs are removing limitations on dino transfers? so currently you can't take a dino from the island to scorched earth but you can bring them back from scorched earth to the island. is this changing too?
  9. a Kapro dragged me into the water. and then killed me! it was the best thing ever! got it on video. it would be fantastic if that was their intention. and not simply to drag anywhere and it was coincidentally into the water. honestly my new favorite mount
  10. Just had a play around with the Kapro on singleplayer and it's amazing. can't wait to start using one on the server I play on. there's just one thing that bothers me about it. ..it floats? haha it doesn't stay at a static level while under water. it slowly floats to the surface. I can see that being useful for some things; but at the same time it's dashing my hopes and dreams of stalking just below the waters surface. unless there is a control available to stop it floating. i think it would be a good idea. if one exists already someone tell me! haha
  11. No I did not. I don't have time to read every comment. I was simply throwing my opinion in to the conversation; which I think is what these forums are for. Regardless; I don't think what I said had been covered in your comment. I was pointing out the huge time difference between mysterious mysteries posts and musing that might indicate it's release is coming sooner than expected. Just because you think you've covered everything on your comment doesn't mean other people have to refrain contributions.
  12. I'm hoping that with these two mysterious mysteries in such quick succession; the new desert is not far away.
  13. Look closer. The ground around the outside of the creature is clearly raised. It's been purposefully drawn like that. Like it's in a shallow hole or something.
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