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  1. Altispinax is a strange and mostly unknown dinosaur that looks like a cross between an acrocanthosaurs and a spinosaurus. This means not much is known about the dinosaur, making any plausible abilities for this Dino acceptable. It also means the design for it could vary, but it just would need to be similar to the original interpretation. Below are some of my ideas and feel free to comment yours. This Dino used to be called becklespinax. This means WildCard could choose to call it Becklespinax or Altispinax . Altispinax could be a bleeder as-well as a fast glass cannon. Moving in small packs of up to 3 would be the best. Altispinax could have a minor buff when in range with a opposite gender of its species like the shadowmane. Males could roar and give more bleed, while females can buff the party with defensive boosts. It’s upper spine could flash in the sun with colorful scales to create a blinding effect. Potential Abilities/attacks: (these probably wouldn’t all be applied but these are some unique ideas) Colorshift - To make Altispinax unique to other theropods in game it could have a somewhat useful color shift in its scales. This could allow it to blend in to its general surroundings and hide itself from players. This could also mean it could change its temperature, hiding it from heat vision on things such as snow owls. Color confusion - Due to its color shift, Altispinax could change its face to scare other dinosaurs away. Depending on the color, it could apply a debuff. This could vary in how useful it is. Scaleflash - Colored spots on its “sail” could create a blinding effect in a aoe style attack. This would be close range. Bleeding bite - Altispinax large teeth could create a devastating bleed similar to an allo. But, it’s teeth could have a chance to break off and stay into the victim. This could cause continuous bleed until removed. Removal could be done by another player like when you remove leeches. These teeth could be regrown over a certain amount of time. Deadly Claws: Altispinax used its claws in combat and were strong for a medium sized carnivore. This could allow Altispinax to either cause bleed for an long period, or it could use its arms to slow/pin small dinos or humans. This could be like raptor pounce, but very nerfed and not as annoying. Solidifiable Scales: One potential ability is that it can harden its scales. These could reduce bullets and other debuffs such as bleed and poison. It’s also possible for its scales to apply very minor bleed to the attacker when Altispinax is hit with a melee attack like a fist punch. Chitin Collector: It’s powerful teeth/claws could make Altispinax one of the best chitin/keratin gatherer in the game. Overall, the design and abilities of this creature are controversial, and the abilities I created can be altered by anyone if it makes sense. I would like to see other people’s ideas in the comments. Hopefully this unique and mysterious carnivore can get some love. Taming: When wild, Altispinax will be stunned for 5 seconds after losing a tooth. The way you tame it is you fight it or allow it to bite on something for a certain amount of time, WildCard can balance this, and after the tooth is lost, you are able to walk up and passively tame the Altispinax. Higher levels obviously need more teeth lost to tame, and certain creatures are better to allow the Altispinax to bite. EXAMPLE: You can offer a ankylosaurus or a dodicurus which will allow the Altispinax to loose a tooth much faster with more taming efficiently compared to offering something like a gali or ovis.
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