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  1. i literly play on ps4 so i can't even play mods and sure this is just inspered by the ark additions brachiosaurus but it would still be nice if this was in the game
  2. this large suropod would be a strong tame in between the size of a titanosaur and bronto and would be able to destroy metal structures and would be able to gather stone and wood in very large amounts also being around as strong as a giga but would only be able to have torpor aplied by bio toxin and cannon balls. this souropod would be able to take on gigas and give the same effect as the trike with a powerful secondairy tail whip like the brontos but stronger and would not have any predators and the only thing that would dare to fight it in the wild would be the giga and would have a platform saddle that would give more armor but make the brachiosaurus slower it would also need a cannon to be knocked out it would also get a buff like the megatherum that would trigger if a rex, spino or giga is nearby the saddle would act like a mobile smithy, fabricater and inde forge (platform saddle only) attacks/things it can do left click/right bumper/r2 will make the brachiosaurus do a one footed stomp gathers stone and wood right click/left bumper/l2 will make it do a tail whip which is good at getting berrys and knocking things back r/r3 will make the brachiosaurus do a attack where the brachiosaurus will stomp all its legs dealing two times the normal damage and hits rapidly (only when near the following rex, spino and giga tamed ones by the tribe that owns the brachiosaurus do not count to this
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