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  1. if it came out in early access again, the price point would probably drive how quickly I purchased it. If it were near a full game price, I'd be in no hurry to jump in, but if it's at a pretty significant discount I'd probably get it right away. Either way though, I'd be waiting closer to completion before sinking any real time into it, knowing in early access, at any moment, the developers can make a decision to completely nullify work put in to that point. In the end, I'll be buying it though, unless there's a game already doing the same thing a lot better that I'm already invested in. Ark is a great game, as many have already pointed out, I've put in more hours into this game than any other game by a long ways (save maybe halo 2 back in college...). Open world, sandbox style games are the future, as companies find ways to fit other game genre's within them. People very much enjoy being able to decide how to play, what roads to take and when, and being able to actually impact the world. Other games started with being able to impact story lines that eventually gave you different finite endings, but the worlds they were set in were still relatively static. If Ark 2 can get a jump on how to really mold those concepts in a way better than others are doing it, people will buy it. If it's just another rehash of Ark, an essential fresh start DLC, it will be falling behind the curve and will lose much of the player base.
  2. just would hope that the facebook page wouldn't become the home for server updates and communication...not everyone uses facebook, but everyone playing will have to have xbox live, thus I really like the club that he set up p.s. YAAAAAY for the patch passing cert!
  3. perk8504

    PVP - Preferred Bullet Farming Method?

    charcoal...wyvern wing flap attack on burnt trees use a mantis quite a bit for farming stone nearby, just for speed of movement over doed (makes it a tiny amount less grindy)
  4. just an opinion I wouldn't care for infinite dino weight makes it real easy to use passive protected dinos to store all the valuables, thus making raiding near pointless
  5. woohoo...update back in cert
  6. I'm not an admin...but take a screenshot of the tribe log where you tamed the dino and nitrado got delayed, some snafu in the certification process with microsoft
  7. It's been down a few times the last few days. It was down this morning, don't know about recently for sure. Add the fireandblood777 gamertag to friends, that way you can see if the host gamertag is online and in the game or not. A tip, if there isn't a small controller icon next to the gamertag, the server isn't joinable. Really looking forward to migrating to a nitrado server and getting better stability than xboxes provide.
  8. got our first otter...a very nice companion for the freezing cold
  9. read title and first post...
  10. Saw that this morning, great news! Got started right away
  11. Hope you make out okay! Don't worry, you've got much more important things going on.
  12. unless they provide a way to port the save file over, which I don't think will happen in the next few weeks...pure opinion but, that still gives us some time to feel out the map, and with its size, isn't a bad thing at all.
  13. definitely come join us, it's gonna be a blast, even better with more people
  14. I've been resisting watching rag vids to try and keep the experiences fresh for myself....but it's getting awfully difficult