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  1. I play using an Xbox and a few months ago I watched a video for a mod that was created that had to do with farming and kitchen decor. It included many new plants and decor structures like stoves and such to give ones base more detail. I understand that most mods can only be used by PC players unless you decide to add elements to the console users. As a PVE player I would love to see that mod added to consoles along with any other mods that other players like. Also it would be nice to have use of the items from primitive plus on regular servers. I like the details and variety.
  2. Thanks guys, I figured out what the problem was. I was trying to transfer dinos from a normal official server to a cross play server. I just went to a different server after that and was able to get my dinos and stuff
  3. I want to try playing scorched earth on official servers. Can you transfer dinos to scorched earth? I tried once but when I got to the oblisk to grab them, there was nothing there. I know that they weren't removed because I was able to access them from a different map server? I have seen other players with dinos that are not native to scorched earth. How do I get mine to transfer there?
  4. I know that the servers are being worked on over the last couple of days, but this morning 3 of the 4 servers I play on up. Now tonight none of them are. My tribe mate and I have characters and dinos on Gen 2 servers 1654 & 1635, Fjordur 1899 and Valguero 1160. When will these and all other missing servers be back up? Why did they go down again?
  5. The really should add Lady's food and farming to the Xbox, then everyone would be able to use it. I never get to play on my husband's gaming computer, so all my ark games are on Xbox.
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