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  1. I know that the servers are being worked on over the last couple of days, but this morning 3 of the 4 servers I play on up. Now tonight none of them are. My tribe mate and I have characters and dinos on Gen 2 servers 1654 & 1635, Fjordur 1899 and Valguero 1160. When will these and all other missing servers be back up? Why did they go down again?
  2. What time on September 9th will the servers be open for transfers?
  3. The really should add Lady's food and farming to the Xbox, then everyone would be able to use it. I never get to play on my husband's gaming computer, so all my ark games are on Xbox.
  4. Hello all, I've been trying to play on primitive plus recently with my Xbox one. I've noticed that half the maps are not spawning in dinos on single player. I've searched the internet for help and tried everything suggested. Nothing has worked and there are far too many dinos to try and spawn them in myself. I've also noticed that the training dummies don't work either. I can place them, but then the are stuck. They can't be removed or accessed in primitive plus. Can anyone help with these issues? Can wildcard fix these issues?
  5. Can anyone tell me if the training dummy works in primitive plus? I placed one in my house and now I can't delete it or even access it like I can in regular ark. My son placed several around my village on another map and I can't access those either.
  6. Well I don't know that I'd call myself a lady but I am a woman. However, that's not the reason for my suggestion. I just think that the maps have all these wild flowers, it would be great if we could incorporate those more something similar in our building. Like I said, I play single player cause I don't know anyone online. I like to build things even if I'm the only one living in them .
  7. Can you make decorative plants for the game? Or seeds that can be grown in small planters besides berries to look decorative? I play single player most of the time, but rarely on primitive plus and I'd like to spruce up my villages more. Maybe bring the rest of the plants from primitive plus to survival evolved?
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