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  1. I've noticed lots of posts about this topic and as an Xbox player myself, I also find it extremely aggravating. The censorship of text in chat is far too strict. I have friends who can read everything that is typed because they are on PC, but those of us on gaming consoles can't read more than half. Can anyone do something about this? I've heard that it is Microsoft doing the censorship, but I don't know for sure.
  2. There are 422 island pve servers. In order for everyone to have a chance to play scorched earth, we need at least 300-350 pve servers for scorched earth. It's the only way I can see to get things going. The same will be true for all the maps when they come out.
  3. I was just wondering if more servers are going to be added for scorched earth. With so many players, 86 servers isn't nearly enough. Also, it took 3 hours to add it to my Xbox. By the time I am able to actually get onto the servers, I'm afraid I won't be able to find a spot to call home.
  4. Is there anyway to reduce the censorship of the typed chat? I play on Xbox and can't read half of what is being said cause it gets censored. I know it's not my Xbox itself because I'm the only one who plays on it and there's no restrictions set. Thank you
  5. So I wanted to try the other servers to meet people from around the world. When I go to them and try to type in chat, nothing comes up. I made an attempt to ask about this before, but my previous post didn't come across the way I had intended. Probably because I asked a few other questions that made me sound prejudice, which I'm not. For that I'm sorry. I just want to know why I can't talk to anyone on EU, OC and Asian servers? Why won't my chat box work? Also, I'm on Xbox and my chat scroll doesn't work. Can't find anything online for a trouble shoot. Any suggestions?
  6. Good job WC on your fundraising, but can you now address other problems that are still preventing players from actually playing on the official servers? There's no Xbox only servers for pve, at least nothing there last I checked 2 days ago. All other servers are full cause they are cross play and the PC players have taken all the land. New players can't play on those servers. Xbox players were told that they'd have a chance to catch up when we finally got access. Can't get caught up if we can't get on and build our bases. And when we play on unofficial servers, we aren't guaranteed access to the events if the server admins decide to exclude them. We need more servers for console pve and someone needs to do something about excessive land pillaring.
  7. I'll see what I can do about getting pics when I get on the game tomorrow.
  8. In the meantime, can you do anything about all the land hogging on the steam version. I tried the servers today and there are pillers everywhere. I'm and many others are confined to rafts right now because we can't build small starter homes on the beaches. It's frustrating.
  9. What about single player Xbox? Granted my bases are on official servers right now, but I'm a solo tribe. How do I get my base and dinos to single player? I have friends asking the same thing cause we can't afford to rent servers or just don't want to rent servers, but we still want to save our hard work. Where is the information for us? We've been asking for the last few weeks and I still don't see anything when I read through all the posts.
  10. I just noticed that the Yi Ling looks a little bit like Astrid's dragon from how to train your dragon. Also, I'd also like to know if we're still going to be able to take our bases and creatures to single player. I can't host a server of my own, but I also don't want to loose my progress if it's possible.
  11. Is this weekend evo event the same as last weekend? You guys didn't change any of the dates. You might want to check on that.
  12. Where can I vote for Ragnarok dino? I can't find the link. Also, still having issues with the new bug spawn. I get that it is rare, but seriously, it needs to spawn more often than it does if we are going to have any chance of trying it out on official servers. I've seen only 3 of them since their release. Please adjust the spawn for us who are still loyal players.
  13. Only problem I have with the new bug is that they aren't spawning often enough. My friends and I have only found 2 in two days, neither of which were female. We'd love to be able to try them out before August if we could find more.
  14. My friends and I are on the list island and still can't find any. We've been searching for hours.
  15. I haven't been a player since day one, so there is a lot I don't fully understand. If the official servers are being closed and the final data is being uploaded, will I still have my dinos, can I take them to single player or do I loose everything? What about the players who have spent the last 6 years perfecting their dinos and builds?
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