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  1. Dinosam8

    custom dinosaurs

  2. a slow but more powerful sarco. but, in water goes fast. and it has a lot of hp. when tamed it can break metal walls and harvest meat really good.
  3. Dinosam8

    What if:

    What if: deinosuchus that is basically a sarcosuchus but stronger and slower.
  4. Dinosam8

    What if:

    What If: Maiasaura that makes eggs grow faster AND IS LESS EXPENSIVE than other stuff also it can boost stats of baby dinosaurs.
  5. What if: Maiasaura that helps baby dinosaurs grow faster and makes them stronger. Also I'm very excited for ark 2 and the animated series!
  6. Dinosam8

    What if:

    also its just soposed to find types of element and the obilisks if your lost and know your base is by a obilisk and the dino could make them glow brighter.
  7. Dinosam8

    What if:

    i did not say anything about the pike the SPEAR does break randomly. And it would be a close ranged and far ranged.
  8. Dinosam8

    What if:

    1st The ompy with long neck would find th obilisks and element dinos and the element crystals.2nd the spear coould shoot beams of element and stab near by things and the spear could not break randomly
  9. Dinosam8

    What if:

    what if: tek tools a Tek pick, Teck hatchet, and Tek spear.
  10. Dinosam8

    What if:

    What If: a DodoTitan that spawns on extintion during halloween and can be tamed but only lasts for 2 hours.
  11. Dinosam8

    What if:

    What If: compy with long neck that when fed the rare blueberry can find nearby element.
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