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  1. I saw on YT that Drakes were breedable. But not sure if it’s for Vanilla. I saw it was apart of the nerfing and buffing of wyvern a, along with buffing the mammoth, snail and a few other things. I play on a personal server on ps4 but For the drakes I do have I have no option to breed them so was wondering if it was a Bug on my End? Do I have to have them in aberration? Do I have to acquire the eggs again from the map and breed them that way? I’d hope not cause that base stats of my current ones are pretty good for Server level scaling. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. That too they are very loud
  3. I know this will prolly get overlooked or soft passed, but I as a lot of individuals play ark a lot and find everything the devs bring to the game awesome. I know we had a few TLC’s in the past but I feel a lot of our older dinos have gotten left out. Me personally I think of my favorite the Allosaurus design wise, the quetz, and mosasaur. I know there are plenty others ppl would like to see other creatures worked on but these are some of mine I’d hope would get some work on especially chunky allo boii. I would like to see it if ever get a lean sleeker more accurate design to it kinda like how
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