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  1. Are you sure? On the internet you find loads of instructions how to "cheat" to the locations of the necessary explorer notes and dossiers. And there they often mention all Island explorer notes and dossiers plus 3 special discovery notes from the genesis dlc that are located on the island and can only be found with hlna. Would also be interested to learn more about this. Any real experience anybody?
  2. As much as I enjoy Ark and the upcoming Fjordur event I have to wonder who at WC thought an EVO event without breeding would ever be a good idea. Recently, harvesting and taming evos seem to be the standard. But who of the players would really log in to do some massive taming without the event colors? I am convinced, that most players are mainly interested in breeding, which has the greatest impact on gaming and the community, either PVP or PVE. So, please, WC, try to do yourself a favour and implement breeding into future evo events. At least for me, there is no real reason to play ARK without breeding. Have a sunny weekend, survivors
  3. What bothers me the most is that WC is not mentioning much about Ark2. I would assume if the development of a new game is evolving you offer some insights into the development and start to advertise Ark2 more than is actually the case. I assume that Ark 2 gets delayed quite a bit and is far from being published in 2022 or 2023. At least not as an optimized and playable version. Therefore, I find the announcement of the last year of events for Ark1 quite unprofessional and not a really clever marketing move. I understand that there needs to be an end some time in the future. Why not automate some of the Evo-Events or find a different solution for the color events than shutting everything down? Instead, they shove everything to the Hexagon-shop in Genesis and pull the plug. Once again, not much thought put into marketing and planning, and escpecially not into public relations with the community, let alone communication.
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