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  1. Just play Ark through Geforce Now. It's free and doesn't use any of your hard drive space. You just have to have decent internet. The free version makes you logg off then back in every hour, but the paid version ($5/month with the first 3 months free) gives you 6 hours before relogging This will allow you to play Ark at Epic settings and not take up your hard drive space
  2. So they announce a new season pass and almost everyone thinks this is the right place to cry about bugs and demand a rollback? More on topic, the fact that this Season Pass is not free is bogus. Anyone who owns THE season pass should get these new DLCs. That was literally the sales pitch when the first season pass came out. Buy the season pass and get ALL dlcs. Not sure if I want to dump any more money into this game just based on the greed move alone. At least lower the price down to $20 since this will only include two DLCs
  3. We do not have an upload character button on our servers. The only options at Obelisks and Transmitters is "Travel to Another Server" That being said, Goodsync has not failed us once. We are 100% satisfied.
  4. Small update, we ended up purchasing the pro upgrade to Goodsync because it allows "multiple sync jobs to run simultaneously". This was just a precaution on our end. But everything is still working for our cluster.
  5. Update on this, this is working great for my servers. And Spikeydragoon was kind enough to come to our discord and help us get it going. Thank you Spikey
  6. OK, I am a bit lost getting this to work, but I still want to say THANK YOU in advance. I have been hoping for something like this for a while
  7. An update to this, we have been using this on our servers for 3 weeks now, without incident, so everything is working well for us.
  8. How to Setup an Ark Cluster on server machines that are on Different Networks This is a small guide I decided to write up to hopefully help other server admins that are in my situation. After searching all over, I came to the conclusion that there is no official method for having an Ark Cluster between machines on different networks. So an active member in my community and I came up with an unofficial way of accomplishing the same thing. For the purpose of this How To, I am assuming you use Ark Server Manager like I do. Step 1: Set up your servers on each machine For instructions
  9. Fixed it Posted from my Samsung Galaxy via http://ARK: Survival Evolved Community App
  10. 2 things: 1. As someone already mentioned, images don't appear to load 2. Will you be offering a way to enable those notifications for non-Nitrado unofficial servers at some point? Posted from my [device_name] using http://ARK: Survival Evolved Community App
  11. Any chance you can add Ragnarok to the teleport menu?
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