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  1. so what is the server number, also if i join i will be "Nomania" Or OhNoman1259 psn lvl 61 or 62, i kinda forgor, i come from scorched so i can make flame arrows and propellent 4 the tribe, i love grinding for gp sparkpowder and other things like obsidian, as long as i have a argy i will be a raiding and farming machine, i can only be on as long as my turn on my ps4 is, no chat either just notes, but i should be pretty good at all the stuff i said, i will spawn at the place that most ppl do when they first play, im also pretty good at taming with the right stuff, i love teamwork aswell, and hate doing risky stuff like wyvern trench running, thank you so much, NOMANIAAAAAAAAA out... ill do more stuff if you accept
  2. grinding for narcs, gp, and sparkpowder, taming is also a yes, the main problem with me Is my PS4 is like 6 years old and is having problems with chatting so i will only be able to use notes, Ill also be gone almost (Note that "Almost") every other Saturday, and sometimes I have to go places for at most 12 hrs at a time, I LOVE feeling the rush of knocking flyers in particular, I will be transferring at lvl 61 to your server, I am named "Nomania" I have all DLCs aswell. I would love to have some help getting an argy then Ill be off on my own getting stuff and raiding for the tribe, I can set up small FOB's with tools, bullets, and guns + armor with some help if you cant tell Im stupid lol, thank you, also if the answer is yes just tell me the server name and you'll see OhNoman1259 has joined this ark, that is me, thx
  3. So basically there are these creatures that are rideable without a saddle or don't even have one, BUT, what if there could be saddles that you could make to get buffs and bonuses like extra EXP, +2 X Flight Speed, 5 X low health damage, and rider imprinted boosts but instead of imprinted its... actually scrap that last part, but you could also add attachments to these saddles such as storage attachments, gun attachments, or even TEK light attachments, and it would be better for role players who are pretending to be lost explorers who can't ride them without the saddles, i know a lot of people aren't going to see this but if you do tell other people cause this is something i (and few other people, well maybe) want to see this so yeah that's my idea
  4. i just realized everyone thought i was talking about armor that goes on your dino ._.
  5. A new armor type such as dino armor (trike rex raptor you name it) etc. It wouldn't be bones but instead a taxidermied and decorated armor type. would not be paintable but colors could be changed based on the color of the creature that was killed, for example, if you killed a red raptor taxidermied it then put the dermis on a piece of flak or riot armor ONLY it would be red and for raptors it should be the hook-claw for the boots making so when you jumped on someone they would take a lot of damage, instantly be put into prone but (since there's gotta be a drawback to it) the person wearing the armor would be slowed down when swimming\running and there jump height would be significantly decreased there would be a trike version too doing the same thing but allowing the player to use the horns on the trike head on there well...... head instead of punching would also decrease head damage about 65% less but yeah thats all and i cant add a reference photo because i made this up in my head and if i searched "ark dino armor" in google its gonna give me something about the ark 2 armor but yeah thats all i got.
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