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  1. I have 777 hours played, only in pve, I've been wanting for a while to gain experience in pvp and train my English because it's very precarious, I played most of the time on ragnarok, I have all dlcs purchased and I know the basics of the race. Discord: Gui, O Bob#3045
  2. I've been an ark player for a few years, i have more than 700 hours, i barely know but it's the second time i've come back to this ark world and i'm getting tired of pve, i want to gain experience in pvp and learn and improve my english now i'm using google translator to help write this text, i know the basics of racing, and knowing how deep this is in pvp, it excites me more and more, if you are interested in giving this great newbie experience here is my contention : Gui, O Bob # 3045
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