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  1. Kwanasaurus Kwanasaurus williamparkeri Rideable: yes Tameable: yes Breedable: yes* *only can be bred with a wild one Temperament: aggressive if provoked Diet: omnivore Radiation immune: yes Wild: Kwanasaurus williamparkeri is a lizard that mainly keeps to itself even aggroing on other kwanasaurus in the area, and don’t get too close or it will attack! It’s poisonous bite will knock you out and it will drain your blood. Be very cautious around trees and cliffs, as the Kwanasaurus is a great climber, but don’t try to escape to the water either as it’s webbed feet make it an excellent swimmer. Tamed: When taming the Kwanasaurus a ghille suit and berries will be a nessesity for taming it passively. The Kwanasaurus may also be tamed by knockout but it will require blood. Once tamed it is a great mount for transportation, and it’s poison may be collected to be used in place of narcotics. Other info: if attacking a group of creatures that have a pack buff the kwanasaurus negates it. The kwanasaurus can also climb trees The kwanasaurus can be tamed passively or by knockout. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. and yes this is an oversized creature as the real thing is only a few feet long. 2C229540-2A14-44CF-89BC-DE428FF3774E.webp
  2. I wasn’t trying to tame anything, I was just looking at Dododex. Here is a screenshot of thorny dragon kibble:
  3. And now that I think of it there are no lymantria in ark mobile either
  4. I was looking at Dododex and it says that thorny dragon kibble is the preferred food of the lymantria. But there are no thorny dragons so isn’t that impossible, or are they gonna add scorched earth to mobile?….
  5. My favorite weapon is the sling and I think that they should add it in. They already have the bow, bolas, boomerangs, spears, and a slingshot (which is very unrealistic). If they did add the sling it’s ammo would be stones just like the slingshot but it would be much more powerful possibly even more power full than a bow or crossbow and with more range. It would probably have to be a balearic style sling prolly costing 300 fiber and 10 hides or something like that
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