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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. cant find any server

    if anyone knows what to do id rly appreciate, i closd steam and re opened too. i have more than 30 babys dying but i guess thats ark.
  2. cant find any server

    i cant find any serv in the serv list and i cant login to my friends server with ''Join Game'' either
  3. huge lack of mosasaurs

    ive been hunting mosasaurs for months. i find (big big max) 4 of them on the map if i look with my full speed tuso during 1+hour. the map is gigantic and yet only (big max) 4 mosas on it ? i wish it had a big ''spawn hole'' like tusos have on the east. devs, please make them less of a rarity i find more alpha tusos than mosas.. u fixed spinos, why not mosas, so i thought id ask (kind of feels like asking in the void but hey, all i could do about it really) good day
  4. ive had to ko 3 times a dimetrodon145 to tame it cause it kept waking up even tho it had narcotics and gaining torpor it was also loosin 100 every 3secs while only gaining 20 torpor every 3secs
  5. ive had a fresh tamed shark decay 5min after tame lol
  6. auto-decay broken

    5mins. and this is troodon taming... ive tried pheromone darts and rare flowers, they just wont attack anything. Unless u dont wanna tame it then it attacks you lol. damn trolls.
  7. auto-decay broken

    and this is what transfering looks like:
  8. Language barriers!

    i dont understand how you manage to translate it. ive known about the package downloadable for a long time but thought no way to translate what they say anyway. ive never been hateful just because i couldnt read them but i have sometime translated them ''please talk in tribe chat''. ive met a lot of friendly tetris-talkers but ive also met some griefer ones (back when i was on PvE, they would pillar everywhere especialy around our base and lure golems)
  9. auto-decay broken

    tamed 2 megalodon and left to search for more tames came back and only found one looked in logs, it auto decayed after taming was done
  10. Raft spamming in PvE

    they can always gate it. damn im glad i left PvE but i gotta admit even on legacy i had 20 rafts to destroy if i wanted to tame/hatch something but couldnt.
  11. so i was hungry today and saw we couldn't eat poop anymore. now im dying of hunger because of this discrimination
  12. aberration dino balanced ?

    hm ya i guess megalo ends up being the most OP one as after some long breeding months it'll endup at crazy base dmg+imprint/xp rock drake yea not rly good in a fight but put its tek saddle and its a potent base destroyer that could avoid some defenses by climbing basilisk weight is just not something i expected lol, i never thought id get to see a 10k + weight dino but that can be fast and tranq everyone / suffocate them ? it will def be a must in the upcoming wars.
  13. aberration dino balanced ?

    yea megalo OP, but im not sure maybe spino is just as good ? theyre both pre-aberration dino anyway but i guess its different when it doesnt fall asleep every minute Altho in pvp, megalo wont be able to jump like drakes/reaper/crabs so it'd still be inferior.
  14. aberration dino balanced ?

    thats a tamed vs wild u mean its like comparing tamed megalo destroying 150 wild megalo Dont need to wait for it, i do it no problem can kill alpha reaper kings.
  15. aberration dino balanced ?

    was wondering about peoples opinion on aberration dinos, are they much unbalanced or ok ? for exemple, the basilisk has a weight of around 3300 base at a high level. it can reach more than 10 000weight. it can be super fast and tranq everyone that's on foot on the battleground, and spit poison like a wyvern while having very good HP/Damage. That one dino seems very unbalanced to me, altho awesome. - no saddle blueprint but still OP without needing good armor. Crabs seems balanced since they have no saddle blueprint (yet) Drakes, they would seem balanced if not for their tek saddles. Reapers - At first seemed lame, now with their stat boost its a damnnnnn frog-giga v2 monsterrrr. The tek sniper... now aimbotters can shoot u through walls, hurrah