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  1. ilidrael

    how to rate a ticket?

  2. ilidrael

    how to rate a ticket?

    i really cant find how anymore. feel bad leaving no rates for the past tickets.
  3. ilidrael

    Tester hat skin(baseball)

    its only been lootable last halloween event so far on official. could maybe find one through trades.
  4. ilidrael

    Why nerf Dolphin?

    this is like their 3rd nerf well ive been breeding mantas which are like the fastest dinos ingame if xp'd in speed so ill be ok
  5. ilidrael

    How long can you keep prisoners for

    true story not sure if its well said like that but ive seen GM's come and tell a tribe to let their prisoners go. It was in tek beds tho which turns out wasnt intended to be working so i dont know if it was just for tek beds
  6. ilidrael

    Server Cap

    personaly i had to move to pvp, the only thing limited there is platforms and turrets. pve wasnt that bad until it reached the limit, then the game just became useless. good luck theres no solution beside mooving which is not really a solution. :l
  7. ilidrael

    Water Wyvern Concept

    Bubble wyvern! Nah honestly your thing could be cool but.. to post it in game suggestion.. idk, it wont happen man. A mod maybe.
  8. ilidrael

    Ark Devs Showing favoritism

    if it was really to punish they wouldve banned them. idk what happened but the banlist only got smaller, there was unbans for sure so i doubt there was some bans as well.
  9. ilidrael

    Ark Devs Showing favoritism

    I guess we're all irrational nutters for relating hundreds of ''coincidences'' (that werent caused by cheating) and confessions.
  10. ilidrael

    Ark Devs Showing favoritism

    sure, we're all just crazy imaginative, even when TEA confirms themselves what they did. why would they do that if it wasnt true. why would there be sooo many rollbacks if they didnt. A server crash wouldnt mean anything, but the rollbacks theyve had are not somethin simple cheaters could do
  11. ilidrael

    Best easy auto click mouse software

    Hey, i would recommend 'auto key clicker v1.2.3', i think it doesnt get easier than that one. just google the name and youll find downloads for it
  12. ilidrael

    Can griffins breed

    you could clone them tho, but that won't be easy to do.
  13. ilidrael

    Ark Devs Showing favoritism

    guess Barry Seals is next, we've had a few undermesh visits from Bullokchief as well so hope they dont get excluded just because they're in the alliance that pays the devs.
  14. ilidrael

    Ark Devs Showing favoritism

    That wouldnt bring back a lot of money tho, its better if the whole tribe has to buy ark again im only half kidding i still love ya WC, give me my life back tho
  15. ilidrael

    Rex MC/ASC BP Drop Locations

    not the desert red drops but yea the cave with lava golems has many red crates, which is youre best chance at getting an OP blueprint for rex (red airdrops will be crap but u can get one.. just 0,1% chance of a good one, if its ever a rex bp). no idea if the golem boss drops it tho.