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  1. so you might get two char if you transfered, but i actualy dont think they'd be saved by a rollback.
  2. i remember lasting 1 year in a big stone base at 0:40 on a water-hill at 5 fonda of map border. i used it to tame 80 tusos, they spawn next. But of course its not a great idea, its undefendable, just worked nicely for stealth. but i was just lucky i guess
  3. today as well as few days before, we were taking care of these monsters. Until WC decided to make the server unaccessible while they starve.
  4. ilidrael

    Stuck squid

    have u tried to whip it
  5. ilidrael

    Spare Some

    hahaha so funny yet so sad/true
  6. was taming some stuff, then i lost my char.
  7. Now only 2 month to wait before our legacy servers arent on tame limit anymore
  8. Just reached server limit again, thanks a lot devs, great idea
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