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  1. Dear friends far away from abroad, I am a fan of Ark from China. I have opened a pvp server in Europe. I sincerely invite you to have a friendly exchange of ideas. Please do not use third-party software to maintain the balance of the game. Welcome to have a friendly exchange of ideas. When you enter the server, you will get 97 grades, a set of legendary armor and tools, and will also give you a safe material. You are welcome to fight together! ! ! ! Server name: tami-2F Equipment will fall off, just like the official server. Come and fight together! ! !
  2. Computer Ark has been in Genesis 2, and mobile games are still living on isolated islands. I want to play the new game of Ark mobile games. Please tell me how to sponsor this project. My friends and I are willing to sponsor it.
  3. When Ark hand game can update the new play, the next end of the game is Genesis II, hand game is still living on an island, Haha, hope that the official update soon
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