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  1. Yes, but I guess if the commands are there and they are so easy to use is for some reason. They are part of the game. They give you more options to enhance the playing experience and adapt it to your preferences. After spending one week looking for that dino, I don't feel like I am cheating now. Maybe there is a more 'honest' solution, but I could not find it after reading and reading comments over there.

    I agree it is much better to avoid using commands as much as you can. 

  2. I have been trying to find more high-level baryonyxs, but it's very difficult. I am killing all dinos in one area to use the spawn cycles. I even used the dino wipe command, but the highest I could get is 125. 

    Do you think breeding and mutating the ones that I already have (3k health / 475 mele, see messages above) would be enough for doing most of the caves in the island? 

  3. Many thanks. I appreciate your words, guys. I lost farming dinos (Doedicurs, castoroides, etc). They were high level but it will be fine to tame and make them grow again. 

    If it was because of a bug it would be more painful, but it was just a silly mistake I made 💩

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  4. Thx for your answer cowgirl.

    I play the 'default' ps4 single player mode, and I have never saved the game. It auto-saves when I stop playing. 

    I checked the saved data files in the 'options' ps4 menu, but it does not allow me to load any previous data. 

    I guess I will give up and tame the dinos again. I could use the dino spawn command, but it would not be the same...

    I wish there was a command to find objects on the map or something like that. It's hard to find a bag in the jungle haha

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  5. Hi,
    I play single player in ps4. I dropped all the items from my inventary by mistake and I realised 20 min later.
    It included my Best 6 tamed dinos.
    I paused the time using the 'OnlyPlayers' command to prevent it from disappearing. However, the area where I am looking is too big and I can't find the bag.
    Anyone knows any comand or idea to help me find it?
    Many thanks! 

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