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  1. 500+ hours NA 14yo can play around 4 hours on monday, wednesday, friday, around 3 hours on T/TH and 6+ (usually) on weekends. mostly interested in the large-scale tribe warfare. Mangost#3476
  2. well that platform build would be good but i dont play official and basically all unofficial servers ban that, i think in general the meta is too screwed to be fixed simply without ruining pve, and we should just hope that ark 2 fixes it.
  3. i agree that plant species x is fine as a turret and it would be great if they added more plant turrets that required more skill to be effective than just spamming them (and that didn't take as much of a grind to keep loaded) like the pollen spray that repells, maybe also one that can ground fliers like velo and one that causes explosions maybe? (maybe take away slowdown from plantx and put it on a different one) and also making it possible for dinos to break more structures (just very slowly maybe?) so that you aren't forced to attempt to flak rush it.
  4. looks like someone has been playing too much unofficial you dont craft it in fabricator, you have to kill a boss then craft it in an obelisk/supply drop
  5. i dont think thats magmasaur heat, it looks like you logged out in a desert area and woke up with heatstroke, just chill out in an adobe hut for a few mins to get rid of it and dont complain because you dont know how the game works.
  6. I'm fine with having higher tech stuff, the main thing I don't like about PvP is the turrets. its way too easy to get heavies set up and then it just makes so many dinos obselete for raiding because they just get shredded in an instant. PvP is player vs player, not player vs turrets which is what it turned into.
  7. ok its working now, thanks for the help
  8. ill try again, im playing SP tho
  9. tried that, didn't work
  10. We need more dinos that can damage structures, plus the taming mechanic looks very unique which is nice, though it might need a little more utility for PvE (terrain traversal is easily outclassed)
  11. is there any way to speed up the mating process (not interval, im talking about the mating progress bar)
  12. well the thing i hate about forcing soaking is that a: if you are on gen2 you have no hope of soaking a tek turret wall (especially when there are online tribe members to defend) and b: raiding a big base with soaking will take HOURS of just sitting there and soaking, retreating to heal and going back to soaking. its not fun at all. if it was possible to repurpose stegos/rock golems/other tanky tames as just a DISTRACTION for turrets, to where you can then sneak in other tames to actually destroy (but with more things such as maybe better tame ai for offline defence?) just to make raiding more
  13. Turrets are one of the things that ruined pvp, i agree that there should be ways to defend your base but it shouldn't be in a way where you just spam 100s of turrets forcing raiders to soak them completely as they cant do anything otherwise, probably just making turrets bigger (so you cant spam as many, and probably making them stronger too) but having a tighter limit so you have to be strategic about placement, also just fix the dino meta so people aren't forced into ratholes.
  14. you're always gonna have youtubers sending their stans to rig the votes, its just a part of community votes, just look at minecraft and how dream got the useless glow squid in. its not really anything that can be stopped.
  15. i have used that before (on my SP gen playthrough that was my main source of paste) its just that usually i find a hard time finding enough bugs (outside of the swamp area) and even then i could get ambushed by a player or smth.
  16. thanks for that advice, but currently i dont really have the time or experience to be able to get from spawning in to plant x and stuff that fast, i want to learn ways to rush into the late-ish game faster (currently i get stuck with primitive stuff for a while bc i dont yet know the best ways to farm late game resources (looking at you, cementing paste, its not a problem on rag but everywhere else paste is hell to get)
  17. im still having trouble getting started (kind of a bob), does anyone know if rafts are good for basing? (mainly concerned about leeds) we had a base but it got raided.
  18. breedable ants + beelze = even easier paste than achatinas or dams
  19. so basically you want subnautica in ark
  20. If the game is to have bosses, the fights should be more interactive than just push with your 2 year rex line and a yuty/daeodon. Also changing base raiding from "drain turrets, suicide with rockets/c4 and wipe all of someone's hard work while they are sleeping because you found their rathole and raiding isn't balanced" to actually using dinos to defend, like having a pack of raptors to harrass an enemy army, thylas/allos to bleed and act as a big fighting force, stegos to tank/slow down attackers and better ORP-type stuff. And base building shouldn't just be "find the most hidden and busted r
  21. honestly i feel like the mortar could be fine for offline raiding if it was easier to have defence tames that far away, but also maybe there could be some special structure that blocks stuff like the mortar.
  22. even then its kinda op, even with only a few you can still have insane passive resource progression and turn the game into some automation simulator
  23. looks very interesting, some heavy artillery is needed for raids, the only problem i see with it is that it might be kinda uncounterable in offline raiding, if it can outrange turrets and the shots aren't shot down, then it can just snipe down turret towers while the owners are offline. also the saddle should probably only hold enough water for 1-3 rehydrations so it doesn't just trivialize the main counter ability.
  24. honestly sounds too overpowered, if you have enough its basically like 24/7 raid defense.
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