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  1. transfers will likely be closed for the first month or so after release, then you can transfer, its how it has worked for a while
  2. good idea, but it would likely end up really buggy, but this would be nice.
  3. Mangost

    better bosses

    yes, but have them be a little more progression based than just farming. and not so cheesable (looking at you lava elemental)
  4. i definitely hope there is better PvP as that is what I had a lot of fun with, PvE is nice but official is annoying to play (pillaring, lag, etc.) and unofficial is usually too broken and its hard to find players to tribe with who aren't already at tek tier, PvE is kinda nice and relaxing but once you have a bunch of stuff there just isnt much to do, it would be nice to be able to fight but nobody wants to do tribe wars and when playing PvP you have to be playing 24/7 pretty much to avoid being offline wiped. I also hope they add better defense systems than just spammable turrets because it makes base raiding boring and unfun, raids should be about lots of combat, not slowly pushing turrets while the enemy hides in their base.
  5. Mangost

    better bosses

    maybe not without dinos but with maybe just like a light mount (like a caving mount), it would also be nice to have more of an increasing difficulty with bosses with early game bosses that you can fight with a small squad, or a decent thyla + shotgun or something then lategame bosses that require a strong, well bred army of dinos.
  6. WC isn't gonna add more dinos like this, so why not repurpose this thread into a suggestion for ARK II dinos? personally i think ark 2 should have less dinos so that each one has its own purpose instead of some being better in all ways than others.
  7. I think the breeding mutations should be replaced with traits, every creature has like 10-20 trait slots (some will be empty) and breeding will transfer the traits of the parents, mutations just fill one slot with a special trait (often times mutations can be stronger than wild traits) or reroll a random slot if all are full. traits can include stat increases, special abilities and more. That way you cant just cap health and melee on a creature by grinding, you have to balance them for how you want.
  8. apparently they are borked on console and had to be disabled
  9. I too would love that but mods aren't just a pc thing, they are a steam thing (you cant mod win10 or EGS most of the time)
  10. that is definitely a needed thing, the main problem is mods, there are already crossplay servers for win10/xbox and such but those consoles cant get mods (currently) so if thats gonna be a major thing modding will need to work with every platform (in some way)
  11. just add picture frames that you can upload images to, then you can have ss of your fav dinos and stuff and be able to see your best ark 1 dinos in ark 2 as the pictures.
  12. Mangost

    Ark 2 idea

    in general the dinos should have unique ways to tame them, wildcard should focus more on making each dino unique and have its own uses rather than just having lots and lots of dinos. and also i think instead of just outmaneuvering it maybe it gets torpor from ramming into objects?
  13. great idea but the devs will never do this*, could possibly be added as a mod in the future? *probably
  14. yeah i think it would be invite only for one thing and idk how to enforce the rest, i just wanted to throw the idea out there
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