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  1. Mangost

    Massive Breeding

    i have said it before on other threads but it would be best imo if mutations were like "traits" that filled slots and could either give stat bonuses, trade offs (+1 hp, -1dmg for example) or even special abilities so that breeding was to create custom dinos, and wouldn't be as much of a powercreep. that way a well bred dino would still be BETTER than like a fresh tame, but insanely better and it wouldn't take much to get something competitive
  2. looks like someone just got the game without reading any of the recent news, ARK is no longer being developed, ARK 2 is. Stop expecting the devs to change stuff.
  3. except the facial hair thing, which does make sense as its just character creation. this is stupid, no mods does not mean people will play terrible official, you have to make good official servers for that. and tribes are a big part of ark, sounds like you need to take the time until release to go make some friends lmao
  4. if you could lure it into the water your bary could stunlock it with the spin attack
  5. Mangost

    Price Ark 2

    i could barely interpret this
  6. tame megalodons, hunt alpha squids, get a good fishing rod and fish up a saddle
  7. they aren't adding more dinos (other than carchar)
  8. guys stop bitching about first person its gonna be moddable
  9. i would rather have less dinosaurs but with the majority of them having a use in mid-late game instead of some only being good for the first hour of gameplay then becoming obselete
  10. Mangost

    Seasonal maps

    well maybe but i feel like going to the work to create a seasonal map really isn't worth it, but once again, maybe.
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