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  1. yeah i feel like a good primitive server would remove all tek, most of the machine items (maybe keep regular auto turrets but def no heavies, and with that it would probably have a decently strict turret limit) buff plant x at least a little, nerf stegos (and most of the other soakers) not have anything extinction or gen/gen2 (ab can stay i think) and just change dinos around more to make it more fun to raid, the main problem with raiding rn is that you can get so many turrets that the only possible way to raid is to drain them all and then blow stuff up (which is unfun and takes way too long)
  2. Maybe get some more theris? you can bring up to 20 dinos to a fight. you can also try to breed for some higher stats.
  3. I just want to know the pros/cons of playing conquest, and maybe if there are any tribes i can join that wont require me to grind 24/7 (i can still play an hour or two most days though, and for a long time on weekends)
  4. not today, but yesterday: (single player, extinction) Flew my argy to the forest for gachas, got a metal gacha, black pearl gacha and mating gacha. flew them back to base, started breeding some, both times the babies were useless so i killed them. Went to snow dome, got a direwolf, snow owl, daeodon and purlovia, tried to tame a chalicotherium with stimberries, gave up on that. killed it with the direwolf, went home. logged off and went to bed.
  5. Ok so pretty much anyone who has played extinction will know the pain of finishing a defense wave, im talking about how there will be like 2 enemies left that just wont come out of hiding and you have to spend an extra ~5 minutes just waiting for it to either appear or despawn. I was hoping that it would be possible to have a small rework to make that less painful. Here are my ideas: Having each wave be on a timer- basically how it would be is instead of each wave having a certain amount of enemies that you have to kill, it just increases corrupted spawn rates nearby (and aggros nearby co
  6. sorry i forgot about those other uses, i moved them up (plus it seems you completely ignored the s tier in the pvp tier list) yet you go straight to just insulting, sounds like a giga stan lol.
  7. a little, this is mostly from what i have seen in videos and stuff, once again this was meant to mainly be community driven not completely made by me, this is just a start.
  8. Honestly for the ascension they could probably reuse quite a bit from the island, and for the overseer i would be fine with them basically just reskinning the overseer to look more desert-themed and maybe tweaking it (and the defense units/attack drones) stats (like with the aberrant, x or r creatures)
  9. Haven't played today but yesterday: TKI, the center, i bought a new thylacoleo from the pointshop (wanted a male to breed), got a male, breed it with one of the others, the baby turned out okay, started breeding it with my high stat female but by the time she finished gestating I had to get off, I thought my tribemate was coming on to take care of the baby, turns out he didn't. baby died, ill try again today. Farmed a bunch of resources, tamed an anky, went to "the center" (the area on the map), farmed crystals, i wanted to tame a doed but there were argies everywhere. I did tame a megalo
  10. Currently this is just my opinion with suggestions from other people and any dino not listed I just don't have enough of an opinion/no suggestion to rank them. comment if you believe a dino should be ranked somewhere, and make sure to justify it. PvE Tiers These tames are ranked by how well they can gather resources, hunt, fight bosses and whatever other utilities they have for PvE activities. S Tier (tames that help tribes tons with the reasons listed above, or have special niches that are useful) Tek Stryder (gathers lots of resources, makes other tames obsolete) Th
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