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  1. I'm glad to see Carcharo being added without taking up the vote winner's position. I wanted Carcharo since it's among my favorite dinosaurs, but I didn't want it to win the vote entirely because it was by far the least unique option. It's nice to see that Wildcard is redeeming themselves and trying to please as much of the community as possible with this creature, and I really hope Carcharo can add something unique and interesting to finally let the creature's controversy die down. I'm also happy with Desmodus winning the vote. Overall this turned out way better than what happened with the Lost Island drama.
  2. I think this is a nice idea, but this thing is skyrocketing in votes and I'm afraid it's gonna throw my submission out the top 10 . While I won't be mad if this ends up making the top, I'll only vote for it once I know for a fact Meiolania has been overthrown. Edit: Nevermind about the "not voting until Meiolania loses" thing. This suggestion as a whole has a lot more effort put into it, and Meiolania's loss is kinda inevitable being stuck in 10th place. I hope this ends up making it into the finals!
  3. I understood what you were talking about. I know WC could give it different abilities, but I was replying to the "it doesn't matter because transfers exist" that you said.
  4. I guess that makes sense, however, not everyone wants to transfer maps, and not everyone can transfer maps. I don't think Amarga needs a counter, and the creature hasn't even been released yet.
  5. @Wrexboiiiiigang1337 I'm gonna be honest, I feel pretty bad for you, this one submission alone has caused an absolute warzone of carcharo fans and haters. I see people coming up with creative ideas for this creature only to have them dislike bombed for no reason. One day, my post here has -2 likes, the next day it has 1, next day it has 3, next day it has 0. While I personally don't really want this creature, I feel bad for you with the amount of toxicity this submission has created, and you honestly don't deserve it. I really hope this drama clears up soon so you aren't put under the amount of pressure you have been because of this submission.
  6. Didn't we just get a load of info during the ExtraLife stream? You're getting a bit too greedy.
  7. This is asking for quite a lot, but once the submissions have ended, could we get official artwork of all 10 creatures, as well as a few of the creature's ingame abilities, just so we know what we're voting for? Abilities and design can make or break a creature, and I saw a lot of people upset about the Dinopithecus's lack of weapon wielding, so knowing what the creatures have beforehand would be really nice.
  8. I agree about the walrus, I don't see the appeal that 101 other people apparently do. Why make a counter for something that isn't even on your map, let alone hasn't been released yet? Not only that, but the thing would probably be super sluggish on land, and not even that fast in water. I guess I should also give my opinions on the rest of the top 10. Bison: While I don't favor the Bison, it could definitely be a nice addition. Titanoceratops: A very much needed large herbivore with a great design, definitely a creature I'm rooting for Carcharodontosaurus: While Carcharo is my favorite dinosaur, this creature is more of a want than a need, and is super overrated. Armadillosuchus: Great concept, great art, and sound super fun to ride on. This is another creature I'm voting for. Rhyniognatha: Most of the abilities really need to be toned down or removed, but it is a solid submission nonetheless. Silvatherium: A super awesome creature, and is a much needed large herbivore and mammal. The catapult ability is also a great one, This is another creature I'm voting for. Desmodus: A solid creature. Not voting for it, but I won't be mad if it gets added. Pyroraptor: Same opinion as Desmodus. Anomalocaris: This thing has way too much stuff all at once, and is just a mumbo-jumbo of abilities. Why is an aquatic invertebrate smaller than a human climbing walls, walking on land, and growing to double the size of an Ichthyo, on top of soaking bullets, piercing armor, and acting as a barricade? Meiolania: I of course have bias for this (it's my own submission), but I would've loved this creature even if it wasn't my idea. Of course, no hate to any of the people who submitted these, just my personal opinion on the creatures themselves.
  9. As you all may have noticed if you've visited this submission before, I have updated it quite a bit, mostly just to display more information about the creature without needing to read through all of it. However, I have one more thing to say. We have reached a whopping 100 votes! I really didn't think we would reach 100 votes, let alone get even close to the top 10. However, you all proved me wrong! I'm very glad with the amount of support this submission has received. While I may be on the verge of falling out of the the top 10, I'm already happy enough with how much people like this creature, and I won't be too mad if I don't make the final vote. After all, this community has a bunch of very creative ideas! With all of that being said, I wish you all the best of luck on your creature submissions and your upcoming Lost Island experience!
  10. Here's my version on Hatzegopteryx, a powerful sky apex capable of rivaling Wyverns. Hatzegopteryx is actually my favorite pterosaur, and one of my extinct animals, so I'm definitely voting for this submission. Anyways, here is my version of Hatzago: Hatzegopteryx: Wild: Hatzegopteryx is described as the tyrant of the skies, and rivals even the mythical wyverns in terms of power. Hatzegopteryx bully smaller animals to death, and especially target Carnotaurus and Quetzalcoatlus. This often causes fights between Hatzegopteryx and the Yutyrannus that have their minions killed. Their hunting method usually involves impaling the skull of its prey and flying off with the corpse. Domesticated: Those that accomplish the feat of taming this creature have the right to call themselves the masters of the skies. Hatzegopteryx can destroy most opposing flyers with melee combat alone. Survivors have even added a mountable turret on Hatzegopteryx’s underside, capable of shooting a variety of projectiles, all exclusive to Hatzegopteryx’s saddle. Ingame Information: Tamable: Yes Ridable: Yes Saddle: Hatzegopteryx Saddle (lvl 94) Breeding: Yes Egg: Extraordinary Kibble Poop: Large Size: Extra Large Diet: Carnivore Group: Pterosaurs Temperament: Aggressive Torpor Immune: No Stats (lvl 1 tamed): Health: 1000 Stamina: 450 Oxygen: 100 Weight: 550 Melee: 50 Speed: 3800 (flying), 1100 (ground sprint) Attacks: - RT/LC: Peck - LT/RC: Impale. Can do 200-2000 base damage depending on the target’s size, with smaller creatures taking more damage. Does heavy damage to non-tek structures. Attack has a 30 second cooldown. - RS/C: Turret Mode (acts similar to creatures with tek saddles) Abilities: - 3 new projectiles exclusive to the Hatzegopteryx Saddle, but can also shoot standard grenades: Bola Bomb: Costs 1 Chain Bola and 3 grenades. If the projectile hits a creature on the ground, they will be immobilized for 10 seconds before the Bola Bomb explodes. If the target is in the air, they will drop to the ground and explode on impact. Gas Grenade: Costs 50 Organic Polymer and 3 Poison Grenades. Similar in effect to the Poison Wyvern gas, but does more damage the larger the target is, up to 50 damage per tick on anything Giga sized or larger. Swarm Slinger: Costs 20 Giant Bee Honey and 20 Rare Flowers. Gives a rage effect to the target(s), causing all wild creatures in render to attack. While you have this effect, wild creatures will have their damage doubled and resistance buffed by 50% if they are aggroed to you. Found: Mountains, usually near Quetzalcoatlus and Yutyrannus. Maps: All but Aberration Taming Method: Hatzegopteryx will be stunned for 30 seconds if fully feared by a Yutyrannus. Passive feed Hatzegopteryx while it is stunned Favorite Foods: Alpha Carno Arm Yutyrannus Lungs Drops (when killed): Hatzegopteryx Beak Hide Meat Prime Meat Keratin Fits Through: Behemoth Gate Grabbed by: None Trapped by: Chain Bola, Large Bear Trap Damages up to: Up to Tek, but depends on the attack Variants: None
  11. About the spin damage, if you run into something, they will take the 75 base damage, then either you, the target, or both will be knocked back, as to prevent you from sitting next to a target and racking up damage. You will also be knocked back for getting hit by a target. So normally the attack won't be doing too much dps, but can be devastating if you can figure out a way to ricochet off multiple targets. I don't thick this guy needs to be any faster than it already is. Having the same base running speed as a Titanosaur doesn't sound impressing, but Titanosaurs are faster than most people realize. The spin also allows you to travel faster than a non-hydrated Spino (which is really fast), and you can even spin above water, so traversing the ocean shouldn't be an issue. Finally, this guy is actually pretty strong and could very well take out a Rex. 1200 base health already surpasses the Rex, not to mention the fast bite attack and powerful shell collision. Just a few things I wanted to point out, but I'm very glad you like this creature! I'm on the verge of falling out of the top 10, and I really want to keep Meiolania in the top 10 long enough to enter the final vote, so any support this guy gets is a major help.
  12. Out of boredom, I actually created my own concept for Pyroraptor. I hope you enjoy it! (The art of course isn't mine) Pyroraptor: Wild: Despite fossil Pyroraptor’s size being relatively small, the ones found on the ARK are very large, and are even bigger than Utahraptor and Deinonychus, albeit not by too much. These fearsome pack hunters have some terrifying adaptations that bring them to near the top of the food chain. Their claws excrete a flammable liquid, and Pyroraptor scrape their claws against each other to set them on fire. Their feathers also seem to be fire-resistant. These creatures use coordinated attacks to take down prey with their scorching claws. Tamed: Pyroraptor are one of the most effective pack hunters on the ARK, so they make for excellent combat mounts. Their flammable claws and fireproof feathers also provide extra uses, such as protecting from the cold or resisting attacks from other fire-based attacks. Pyroraptor are also quite fast, so they can also be used simply for exploring the ARK. Tamable: Yes Ridable: Yes Saddle: Pyroraptor Saddle (lvl 43) Breeding: Yes Egg: Regular Kibble Poop: Small Size: Medium Diet: Carnivore Group: Dinosaurs Temperament: Aggressive Torpor Immune: No Stats (lvl 1 tamed): Health: 250 Stamina: 275 Oxygen: 150 Weight: 180 Melee: 25 Speed: 1450 Attacks: - RT/LC: Slash. A standard claw slash with slightly less attack speed than Deinonychus. - LT/RC: Ignite. Pyroraptor scrapes its claws against each other to ignite them. Igniting Pyroraptor’s claws will increase its slash damage by 1.25X, while inflicting a burn effect on foes. This will also provide a hypothermic insulation buff that is 3 times as strong as a torch’s. Troodon will also not attack you while an ignited Pyroraptor is nearby. All of this will last for 5 minutes and will have a 30 second cooldown. - RS/C: Pack Roar: This roar only works with 3 or more Pyroraptor nearby. All nearby Pyroraptor will ignore their Ignite cooldown and will gain the Fiery Frenzy buff. This ability gives Pyroraptor’s claws a blue flame, and it will gain a 1.5X buff in damage and attack speed rather than the 1.25X buff given by Ignite buff. - Space/A: Jump Abilities: - Immune to damage from burn effects and fire attacks - Has a pack buff, similar to Raptors - Getting hit with a fire attack will automatically give Pyroraptor the Ignite ability, ignoring Pyroraptor’s Ignite cooldown Found: Rocky Deserts and Mountains Maps: All maps except Island, Center, and Aberration Taming Method: Same taming method as Phoenix Favorite Foods: None Drops (when killed): Raw Meat Hide Fits Through: Dinosaur Gate Grabbed by: Trapped by: Damages up to: Wood Variants: X-Pyroraptor (Volcano)
  13. About the map exclusive change, this was a copy/pasted concept I had made, so thanks for reminding me to change that. As for the fear immunity, I think I'll keep the creature as is. I want to keep the whole "fight fire with fire" thing it has for the taming. Also, if anything is going to scare the goose, a Yuty or another goose would be most likely. Heck, the creature will already aggro to Rexes and Gigas is they get too close. With all of that out of the way, I'm glad you like the idea!
  14. I know that, but you shouldn't have to transfer to a whole different map just to utilize the counter, especially if the thing was literally built to counter it.
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