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  1. I'm quite new to the forums, so I though I would take all of my creature concepts into one topic for everyone to see. I understand if you choose not to read all of this, as it consists of only text and some google images, but I appreciate it if you do decide to take the time to check these ideas out! Before I begin, I have a few questions you all can answer once you've checked out the creatures. - Are these ideas any good? - Which one is your favorite? - What creature should I give a concept for next? - Which ones would you like to see in the game? - What creature shou
  2. I know this is a late reply, and you may not be seeing this, but thanks for a feedback! If you are reading this however, I do have a concept for Koolasuchus if you would like to see that. If you do, I can show you that as well as starting to work on a Prionosuchus concept.
  3. Here is my concept for if Acanthostega was added to the game. Unfortunately I'm not the best when it comes to art, so most of this just consists of text. If you do decide to read it all, would you like to see this creature in the game? What other creatures would you like me to make concepts for? Wild: Acanthostega plays a unique role in the ARK’s swamp ecosystems. Acanthostega primarily eat leeches, so they help remove the parasites from larger animals. Because of this, Acanthostega aren’t hunted, as keeping one around could save a predator’s life. When a predator does dec
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