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  1. dont get me wrong but ark is fun and all but all the glitches i find on it are crazy ill be walking on gen 2 and just fall through the map sometimes so me and my friends just stay off gen 2 maybe some bug fixes will help and maybe a little bit of some work on servers for the same problem before releasing lost island i know it will delay lost island but u cant make a better map then going in and recoding to get rid of glitches such as pvp god mode glitch i still love the game always will but thats my main problem
  2. love the work yall keep it up tho and make us ark players proud like you have been doing since ark game out
  3. i cant wait for lost island i loved every map that has came to ark so far with scorched earth being my fav but we need a full snowy map for us on ps4 xbox because people on pc can just get maps we can at least give us the ability to download maps from online or something for ps4 and xbox in ark 2 i would love to see that
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