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  1. Need some help here. I'm on stadia and we've been stuck on patch 349.1 for almost a month now. I just wanna play ark man :(. I'm unable to connect to any servers and considering stadias the only way I can connect to my own server, I've had to shut it off temporarily. Whats up with this? Did they just stop support for stadia with no warning? Is the patch taking longer?
  2. I'm trying to enable admin commands on my private ark server, but nothing i'm using is working. a list of what I've tried EnableCheats AdminCheat EnableCheats AdminPassword AdminCheat and then just the password itself. I've put the password after each command but nothing I do works. I'm on gportal, and I'm using stadia so I cant use a steam64 Id.
  3. I'm in a locked base. The recent incident was on ragnarok, I'm in that big scotland cave and it has a behemoth gate at the entrance. Its pin coded but only one person knows the code and that persons a friend of mine.
  4. This has happened twice now and its really starting to piss me off. I play on PvE servers only, and both times I was in safe locations where no wild dinos should've been able to get to me. The first time I lost over 400 tranqs, an asc rifle, all my asc flak, all my kibble, and a cryod yuty and rex. The server owner who's a friend of mine was nice and allowed me to spawn replacements in. It just happened to me on a different server. This time I'm still in early game and it sucks ass even more, cause I lost my only berry gatherer (a trike in a cryo), my only darts, and my only weapons. I just started here and don't feel comfortable going to anyone for help. Is there anyway I can prevent this or get my stuff back? theres no item bag.
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