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  1. I'm in a locked base. The recent incident was on ragnarok, I'm in that big scotland cave and it has a behemoth gate at the entrance. Its pin coded but only one person knows the code and that persons a friend of mine.
  2. This has happened twice now and its really starting to piss me off. I play on PvE servers only, and both times I was in safe locations where no wild dinos should've been able to get to me. The first time I lost over 400 tranqs, an asc rifle, all my asc flak, all my kibble, and a cryod yuty and rex. The server owner who's a friend of mine was nice and allowed me to spawn replacements in. It just happened to me on a different server. This time I'm still in early game and it sucks ass even more, cause I lost my only berry gatherer (a trike in a cryo), my only darts, and my only weapons. I just st
  3. Having issues with a level cap on aberration. My game max is 120 and i'd much rather have 150, obviously. I'm on singleplayer on stadia. I cant edit the game files, maximum difficulty is on, and its on difficulty 1. how do i fix this?
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