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  1. Where can I contact Wildcard in a manor that they are likely to see it? I have an important suggestion for the game, but the forums are washed out by people complaining about petty things, so game suggestions are hit-or-miss, regardless of how potentially brilliant they are. I can’t find a real email address, only the website that makes you type the email ON the website, which means it doesn’t appear in MY email. So I doubt it’s real. I have very good suggestions that have been well received on YT comment sections and subreddits, so I think they’re quite good suggestions. Any constructive help is appreciated.
  2. We need helm part for rafts and motorboats! I’m a shipbuilder on console and every time I make a ship it looks awful because of the camera view. I have to either make it really short height-wise, or I have to build the superstructure around the 3rd Person Camera, during which it always looks the same, and it looks dreadful. So PLEASE, PLEASE add a helm! It can’t be that hard! We already have the raft driving mechanic, so if we just have a first-person-view part that we can put somewhere on our ships (most likely in the “cockpit”) to control it. That way we can have a zero compromise build. PLEAAASSEE!!!!
  3. We already have player-operated turrets, which spin, so, if we could get player-operated foundations that spin, as well as a winch, we could make awesome cranes and custom turrets. Also, make sure it’s usable on platforms! So we shipbuilders can make underwater exploration ships. Maybe a winch could pick up and hold a canoe, storage boxes, etc. Just being able to do crane stuff on land and platforms. please. I think shipbuilders need some love!
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