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  1. Could have been the other way around yes. I always leave the females on ready and just change the male when i need eggs so yes that is possible...
  2. Im on ps4 but should be the same. Doubt that, i had them for a year same color and level always but idk could be just found it weird. plus the guy's an ass xD
  3. I had some baby rexes, deep blue lvl 367 and this morning i went to check and theyre not there, food still in trough and nothing pops up on tribe log about being killed or anything, then i noticed a guy that lives next to me has the same exact ones, so obviously i picked up my maewing and went to get those babies but couldnt pick up, so idk if mine was bugged or wth happened
  4. Some skins would be amazing but transfering dinos would just ruin the whole game before it even started. In Day 1 there would be a lvl 450 Mana killing everyone, how fun...
  5. From my experience i soloe'd it more times than ive finished it in a group, i find it easier since you get all the points. I usually go Spear and then Tek Bow, when it comes to tames i only use Shadowmanes. Tried that strat on alpha but even with full flak +- 350 armour each, i couldnt survive round 1
  6. This really needs an update, i actually enjoy travelling through some maps with pre builds and some new ones would be great
  7. I have all the notes from all maps and didnt get the 10 extra levels so yeah it does need a fix
  8. The community there is usually pretty good, from time to time i like to join to have that fresh start and help out any eventually new players
  9. This actually is an amazing idea, a paid subscription to some servers just for ppl without bans would be a good start since this week i just got robbed of 30k ings and all bps I really miss those warly days where having a 500%melee rex would be insane, now anything below 1250 is garbage. And yes a good GM would be needed since some of them only help when they feel like it. The one we have on 1527 is really amazing. But yeah a fresh start is needed and would even bring some old players back home
  10. I just need to access the trade forum
  11. I for one, love the fresh start feeling, wonder if there are any plans to create new servers? As much as i like the game, everytime im on a server and transfers are enabled it just becomes a storm of 450 dinos everywhere. I have them too since theyre easy to get but would love if there were new servers.
  12. Has anyone done Survive The Ark on alpha? I tried it twice with a full party and we got wiped on round 1. I can easily solo it on Beta, with 3 or 4 sets of high dura flak armor, brews, water and food and just piking everything on round 1 and then tek bow til the end. But i tried soloing alpha and it seems impossible. Any got a strat for that?
  13. Apparently i need to introduce myself. I play on PS4. Originally from the old Legacy 316 (island) and 187 (Center), been playing for 5years and looking to be active in the trade community.
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