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  1. Im searching a tribe to play in small tribes, i have 40k hours in ps4 and 1k in epic games. Im able to play only in epic games
  2. Xd, yea i know that no dino breed their babys but any other dino ask for milk of the mother in ARK, the carnivores ask for meat (mich one the mother dont cut their arm to feed the baby, no logic) and hervivores ask for berries. That is logic, but if my baby wyvern ask for the milk of the mother, why i should sleep another wyvern when the mother is my wyvern too xdxd, thats not logic in all the ilogical history of ark (wich one i love).
  3. Hey, what´s up. I wanted to ask of the milk of wyvenrs babys. I know that the I know that the breeding of wyverns was enabled about a year ago but I would like to know if there is any option that enables the mother of the wyvern to give milk to the baby, because, of course, it should, but I can't find the way. I hope ARK has not done a completely illogical thing again.
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