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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I also like rates being semi low as i don't like games being too easy. I'm not looking to beat the game bosses in a day or scale to Tek in 3-6hrs.
  2. We only have timers on our pvp side of the cluster, our pve side have no timers for transfers. Thank you for the feedback 😊 I totally understand not wanting to start over on a new cluster with having spent many hours building up on another cluster. We have a tribe on the cluster I am hosting on now fearing a potential wipe.
  3. I've been running a server for about a year now and have seen many people come and go. For awhile we had a nice amount of players but as is Ark many people take breaks but are still part of the disscord server, AFK until the game entices them again and many people leave due to inactivity. The question is what would encourage you to join a server? We are in the midst of making some changes to get the dedicated players to return and for new players to come join whether its adding/removing mods, changing server stats, etc. This is not an advertisement but for clarity here are our current stats and are looking to change if needed; 1.5x XP/Gather (originally 2.5x until recently) 10x Taming, 50x Mature, 0.02x Mating, 73x Egg Hatch, 5x Imprint (for faster breeding) with Player/Dino per level stats increased which will be lowered in the coming months. Our current mods are Awesome Spyglass, S+, Dino Storage, Ark Additions: The Collection, Editable Server UI (WBUI) for all maps and Eco's RP Decor for the PvE maps. Also have ArkShop, DinoTracker, and Autobases APIs We do not wipe (or have not) but are willing to if enough people are interested. We do not have ORP but might enable it if thats the popular option. We are a PvP/PvE cluster with 8 maps that can be transferred to freely 4 maps dedicated to both sides each. We also have 2 separate maps dedicated to primal fear in their own cluster used as a trial. Please any suggestions are welcome as I will forward this to my disscord for feedback and see if the rest of the cluster population will vote for any of the changes suggested. Thank You
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