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  1. We did custom bosses and everything went wrong. Our cluster provides a couple of custom bosses in exchange for in-game currency, one of which is based on the Savage Acro. (I won't give details of the fight too much though) You are confined to an arena. We ran the fight several times, and while it was really close at times, always made it through. However, the boss minions can spawn beyond the arena border. Also the modded dino I was riding glitched out and my survivor was unable to move after that. So I suicided and tried to run back to the group. But one of the minions got me. Alright, so far so unremarkable but then I got the message that my Fjordhawk was killed by the minion. I'd totally forgotten about the bird. So my player inventory had just turned into a creature inventory as the hawk was trying to deliver it, and the decay timer became a real pressing concern. It had all my best gear and a buttload of irreplacable loot from the boss. My two tribemates immediately had my back, ported out of the arena just to help my naked self look. One suggested I craft an S+ Omni Tool to transfer the items manually from the hawk, that was decaying somewhere in the tall grass. But the timer for the next boss battle was already counting down so they had to get back soon. They found my hawk and I was so relieved! With seconds to spare we all went back into the arena. And then the real f*ckup happened. The Omni Tool was still equipped since that was all my character really had now, my inventory being on their tames. So my dino couldn't attack since clicking only opened up the tool's menu screen. Also you cannot idle near the Savage Acro in case it starts its "Dangerous Attack" that will oneshot you. But it wasn't a question of one more death, it was a question of losing a one-of-a-kind modded creature that had been incredibly expensive for my tribemate to craft, and she only lent it to me for the fight. So what I had to do was get out of that tool menu screen. Then I only saw the Escape screen open and just like that I was back to the main menu. The valuable dino and my tribemates were now alone with the Acro and also had to save my mount. While I was fumbling to get back on the event server, which also had a time-limited access so that groups would not steal each others's slots, I heared they were struggling heavily and lost a fully leveled and mutated Carchar. Finally I got my sh*t together and loaded in to the server, that means, began loading the 29 mods. Tribemate informed me that the access timer was at 3 minutes and after that my survivor would be stuck. But they finished the fight, and I actually made it back online last minute. Since I technically didn't die but log out, I had offline protection and my rudimentary inventory with me. The guys and gals brought all the other stuff home safely. I have amazing tribemates, this was a hell of a bonding experience for sure. Meanwhile, on a different server of the cluster, another tribemate got dragged under the mesh by a tuso and lost all their stuff and lot of fresh breeding pairs of creatures for real...
  2. Took a looong break from Single Player and joined a cluster a month ago. Yesterday we did Alpha Rockwell with an alliance of 5 players. First time was a wipe. One player let his cactus broth run out for a few seconds and that was enough to start a cascade of mishaps. (You can refresh cactus broth even before the timer runs out.) After everyone else died, the arena calmed down a lot. I finally died because the timer ran out, otherwise I think I could've finished the fight. That fact gave everyone hope for a second attempt. We quickly gathered the tributes again (possible because a dino scan is available + a fixed spawn for an alpha basilisk), even though the alpha reaper got tricky. The second time around went really well. Still, most of us got reaper aggro at one point or another, but what you have to do is run run run, don't get tribemates involved and don't fight back. I also brought a good charge lantern and stunned nameless when they swarmed somebody, but I don't know if that actually helped or just looked cool. And after the ascension and after the intro to extinction, Helena's voiceover sequence crashed my game. Waiting if the ascension still counted was nerve wrecking but I was lucky and kept everything.
  3. A single reaper lagged out his game, and he rage killed it instead of cryopodding it? Yes, doesn't sound like a server one wants to be on. I'm very sorry. I lost my unofficial server to admin bullsh**tery last fall and still miss it despite everything. - - - Aberration with friends. We wanted to get our rock drakes flight ready before Winter Wonderland ended. That meant a rushed jump back into the red zones to get gems. After that, I took the one terrible drake I had to look for more eggs, but there wasn't a single one. Our dino level cap is just 30, so the drakes run out of stamina constantly. You can level them to 1.1k in a reasonable time, but that's without a single level in health. The guys are getting a wholly wrong idea of what kind of tame drakes are. Then we looked at the SW surface area and had a few successful runs, however Raptor Claus didn't drop any good BPs for us. A couple of times our drakes stamina ran out shortly before the exit, in which case I just had to take the damage and then walk slowly up a wall. There wasn't always a wall available. Like for example, just when the sun came up, I couldn't see the exit anymore and finally had at least four reapers on me. I just chucked out tames that I thought could fight, then my drake and my bulbdog died and so did I. I don't know if the room was just very cold but I was legit shaking like a chihuahua when I got to the respawn screen. But no further death messages followed, despite the sun rising. Tribemates tried to help as soon as it got dark again and they'd finished cleaning up their own messes (courtesy of pouncy raptors). However, almost everything I had out there died, including my best spino. Only my favourite megalosaurus made it. And even that was something we could only pull off because we had the death recovery mod that gives you back anything that was in your inventory. We fed all the Xmas coal and mistletoes to Gacha Clauses but still didn't get anything that actually helped us. Base looks real festive now, though. I love that map, not a boring minute.
  4. Did the Sulfur Caverns on Svartalfheim. I brought the best gear from Raptor Claus and a bit of cooked stuff, as well as 4 dimorphs since I didn't know if they would even fit through the crouch passage at the entrance. There aren't any videos on that cave yet, but I heard it had wyverns. What I didn't expect was that these have cave levels. I repeat, you're forced to do this on foot. Of course we got totally wiped. RIP my favourite aberrant otter. I grabbed all the dimorphs I still had in the fridge, coming out to 18, as well as more rocket launchers for the rubble golem that cut off our retreat, and tried to do a more controlled step-by-step approach. That worked well for a while, except that my armour got broken right out of the gates. I tried to have both cactus broth and bug repellant on just in case. It all went to hell when one especially mean wyvern grilled half my flock and I had to respawn inside the cave. After a while however, all the enemies in the immediate area were dead and I could get the two artifacts. More chaos ensued on the way out when a cave rex decided to spawn right in the exit tunnel, and then I got killed twice by the same lv 1020 bat. I crawled out of the cave with 3 bloody dimorphs and naked. Built a little monument for my otter and went home. Nekatus lol'd at me on the Discord. All in all, excitement and fun were had, but I don't need to do this again, ever.
  5. I used one on a mod map, Glacius. The colder snow biome is hard to survive with absurd temperatures and ice rex/basilisks/purlovia littered everywhere. The air was safe though, so I did quetz + hut with fireplaces + landing platform and made short trips and lootcrate hunts from there. But that was about the only time it made sense for me to have one.
  6. Hyped! Hope you'll have news on the streaming service soon! btw, I cannot believe that people in the comment section actually complain out loudly about 'race mixing'. What century are we living in?
  7. Svartalfheim, after the big update. I leveled up my dimorphs to 3k health and went off to the Aberration cave with 8 of them. I also brought a simple pistol with almost 500 dmg just in case, which turned out to be a good move. Not only did I use up all my ziplines but had to do some precise shooting as well. Things were calm in the beginning. When we got to the big drop, I was preparing to fix a zip line and whistle my dinos to attack from the next plateau - but suddenly I found myself tumbling into the death river because a snake had snuck up on us. I readied my climbing picks and clambered up, fixing the line in reverse - but my ravager had already jumped in as it fought its own battle, accompanied by all my dimorphs. I ran around, whistling the flock on targets, abort useless battles, regroup, and shot the sarcos and piranha that were after the ravager. The dimorphs kept me safe from karkinos, but the enemies kept coming and the battle never really calmed down. Spinos especially just swat the flock like flies, dealing damage to the whole swarm at once. One of the dimorphs died, and I pulled out the pumpgun and helped them. I even managed to direct the poor ravager back onto land. We had more dicey situations with spinos in the next part, I tried to tame a green one but instead, it came at us hard. Still, it felt like we were making slow progress. Then on to the artifact room, where I could have avoided most of the seeker battles but didn't know where to go at first. Finally had the artifact... didn't bring the otter so I guess we'll have to go through this hell again to get more, or use a fjordhawk in a cheeky way. But we had to go back through the whole cave to get out. I dropped into the death river two more times, each time with more karkinos, spinos and piranha coming after us, chaotic battles ensuing. In the end, four of the dimorphs made it out again. One is dead and I had to abandon three which I couldn't find. I feel a bit bad about this but there is no choice. This was harrowing. We had to fight tooth and nail, loot drops were horrible, lost half our squad, but the Artifact of the Devourer is ours!
  8. Aberration with friends. Finally continued our game, and it was supposed to be Rock Drake day. Three of the four of us never did this before so I wound up talking and talking and hoping I wasn't going to send everyone to their doom and ruin their evening. Ab looks fantastic with the 100% event colors WW going on currently, so we kinda got distracted. I improved our megalos a bit and filled the base with Bulbdogs while my friend added as many colourful glowing ovis as she could get her hands on. My partner worked on his diplo project. Finally we saddled our spinos and trekked to our secondary base in the blue zone, where we found that our defenses didn't work and lots of stuff was getting destroyed. Over 8 hours into the gaming session we still hadn't made our move, instead getting into really silly problems and I began to think our group just wasn't ready. But then we actually went ahead and down. Took a wrong turn and immediately had multpile reaper queens on us. That too was a first for most of our players. Everyone was equal parts terrified and amazed. But with four people working together and helping each other manage their charge pets, we didn't run into anything we couldn't overcome. In the end we had a breeding pair of rock drakes, no amazing levels but now getting better ones is going to be a piece of cake. If only we hadn't neglected to bring red gems for a saddle!
  9. Had a very awkward experience on Scorched Earth. I suspected that only playing that map on single player / non-dedicated made it too easy. So I found the least populated official European server and hopped on for an hour or two of the official bob experience. But turned out even the most deserted server was still so full with buildings that I would've felt weird to plaster my bob shack next to them. So I tried the medium to hard spawns, which were better, but I still spawned plenty inside of other peoples' bases, and so did unholy amounts of terror birds. Tried to get a beginner tame to get away from the suburb I was in but after well over an hour gave up. And that's that.
  10. Morellatops. Always makes me happy when I see one. It's a fantasy creature but it looks so plausible, like it could actually exist and survive in its environment. The rows of bristles on the side like you'd find in heat adapted plants, the shape of its head, love it all. And in the same vein, fire wyvern, more than the other kinds. But all the Scorched Earth creatures are at the top of my favourites list, they're so well done.
  11. Aberration with friends. Our goal was a secondary base in the crystal swamps. Leading up to this, we took our spinos back up to the surface but drops were disappointing, so everybody got back to their breeding programmes. Except my dumb ass who noticed that this time our zip lines weren't burned away by the rising sun and went back solo. I got cornered by reapers and killed off my mount despite my best efforts. However, in the end I could save everything except my bulbdog. Had to leave two red drops... but next time for sure. Megalos and spinos are coming along nicely. I also tamed and bred more roll rats and welcomed Ratloaf, Gollum and Röllchen into our team. We collected resources for a proper metal cliff platform and some starter equipment, then wound the long way down into the swamps. One tribemate's still not fully sold on hazmat gear but I've been stocking up for everybody as rock drakes seem like then next logical steps. I have to admit though, the diplo still performs fantastically. It outruns my megalo and nothing except stray drakes attacks it. We set up the metal platform very high up, did more comically long ladders and water pipes, planted some Z Plants for charge light and then waltzed back to green.
  12. Seems like a bug to me. I've had the carchar go completely passive inside the trap after eating once or right from the start. Make the best of the situation by dragging a whole bunch of corpses over to it. Then leave render and come back. It'll have reset, notice the corpses and eat them right away, filling the trust meter up.
  13. Did the current version of the Caballus Adventure, which was a lengthy dungeon crawl without any crashes, thanks to the driver rollback I guess. The cave got a few extra details, like the demented scribbles of a previous explorer, which were wonderfully creepy, and a new numbers riddle. It took me a while to realize what I was looking for but then I gradually found them all. They unlocked an absolutely stunning room with bright nodes of "Shimmer Element", which is going to be used in a future update. I stuffed my pockets full. Getting all the stuff back to the exit transmitter was a bit of a chore, since that is in the center of a jumping puzzle in a giant lava room, but I've had enough forced practice to be halfways competent at that. Teleported out, brought loot home feeling very pleased with myself, updated cave guide on reddit.
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