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  1. this is STILL HAPPENING ON PC. Come on WILDCARD get your damn poop together, I havent been able to log into my char on Crystal isles 853 due to INSTANT CRASHING... EVERY TIME i try to join it crashes instantly , i can join any other server no issues even ones with the same Map. im about to lose a bunch of my stuff because of their literal "carelessness" cause it seems they pick and choose what they feel like fixing. I sure as hell wont be buying Ark 2 unless this game gets better developers. Theres no sense in wasting so much time on a time intensive game to have devs simply look the other way when poop hits the fan. IF this is fixed and i doubt it; id expect at the very least a roll back and a redo on the evo event since some of us HAVE LITERALLY NOT GOTTEN A SECOND ON for the event. Long story short, if you want people to continue to play your games HIRE BETTER DEVs... who actually know what theyre doing.
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