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  1. Well ark actually focuses on pve, a majority of the player base plays pve actually so the cough bad devs don't even focus on pvp and don't care to balance it. Also ark never intended on dinos being as broken as this. when se first released wyvrens were a pain to tame, and the cost of raising wyvrens is astronomical and they never thought people would be mutating their wyvrens.
  2. so i'm currently confused if ark 2 will have pvp. I'm asking this due to the fact that the pvp community is a painful mess, you have kids just using their 2 year line of lightening wyvs just screaming at you when you start up your base. From an official standpoint dinos hardly get nerfed. If wildcard does remove pvp the game will fail due to the fact that a majority of arks player base is pvp only.
  3. I had no problems with beta brood last night. The only problem was the 5k dmg to my rexes wearing capped saddles.
  4. The first hundred days of island is painful. figuring out how to trap certain dinos, raising and breeding and stacking muts takes awhile to figure it out. but overall in your first 100 days you should at least defeat a gamma boss.
  5. So I've been thinking about moving to official. anyone willing to give me pros and cons of playing on official, and anyone willing to help me start? edit: Pc steam/epic
  6. So there are two logical explanations. Either wildcards hosting is down, like usual or your getting ddossed. This is likely if you play pvp.
  7. this is an issue i use to have when i played on a lower end system. once i upgraded I don't have these issues. i recommend having 16gb of ram 3600mhz, and i5 10th gen, or a amd ryzen 5 5600x and a 1650-1660 super this setup will get you 70-100fps on high graphics with this set up costing around a grand
  8. lol i have other rexes but they are not suited for drag but they can handle alpha brood, and they are un imped stats leveled
  9. My current rexes that i feel like sacrificing and 20k hp and 900 melee, With a capped saddle. Will this be enough to defeat the dragon?
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