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  1. My bad man.. this whole process is a bit confusing. I've never reported anyone or even wanted to, was told on Xbox chat, this was the site to report stuff on.. apparently I was given false information and I should have double checked on it. I can remove the post I made if there's a way how/ if it'll help keep the forum clear of junk that doesn't belong.. also wasn't trying to Shame anyone's name, just wasn't sure how much detail to include (if this was the right place for reporting) so I gave as much detail as I could . I'll be a fly on the wall here and only read, instead of posting until I fully understand the guidelines in place. Again, my apologies for the confusion and for posting without completely looking into the actual purpose of this site.
  2. So, I've seen one or two moderators since last night.. mostly the one.. going through EVERY ticket and deleting them and saying they must be filed somewhere else.... I looked for 3 days and even asked in game how to file the ticket and apparently the website isn't very well designed cause Numerous players can't figure out how to report other than discussion board... I top of that we all got warning for doing it, or worse... So please explain what puzzle needs to be solved in order to access this ticket system.. cause I for real looked for the longest time and just got in trouble for attempting the only way I could find.... Thanks. ....or just make a button on Home Page that has a submit ticket linked to it...?
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