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  1. spacejam

    Flyer Nerf Rollback: WWYD?

    relief, I understand why and I never downloaded the flyer mod, but I'd prefer some speed back. It just takes to long to do anything that already took a while.
  2. They said very clearly. I don't know how on earth you could not understand it clearly. There will be no transfers of any kind to new servers.
  3. spacejam

    Where Will You Be On Launch Day?

    think of it this way, Counter strike go came out and a massive decline in servers and players happened. But all those original to the game have stayed, its a far better community, with seasoned players only usually. But over time they have all started to die down. Eventually legacy servers will crumble along with ark. Im already noticing a decline in player numbers as a lot of streamers have abandoned ark for the new Dark And Light game. Will have to wait and see where it goes from here
  4. spacejam

    How has the mindwipe change affected you?

    Those are some real concerns that face all the average players, luckily this game isn't built for the average players and seemingly only benefits large Tribes. As for solving the issues for small tribe, they could just add in a long cool down on mind wipes like once weekly, something along those lines would be nice. just before 100 I did a full respect at 99 . I forgot to add any fortitude to my player and was being hammered by the elements and couldn't figure out why. I had to use my re spec within a few hours of hitting 100. which sucks, but oh well
  5. spacejam


    I just Wanted to Say RIP to Chester a great man, and a huge influence on my life with his music I hope everyone playing today plays abit of Linkin Park in memory. Remember Its Okay to Speak up
  6. spacejam

    Is ARK worthy of a AAA title?!?

    When it finished. Properly YEs
  7. spacejam

    Server Wipe

    Funnily enough its just a game, so you raising the dino's is already getting done for nothing
  8. spacejam

    Devs does any of you play official?

    I enjoy your responses, its good to see you have a sense of humour and that you are paying attention to the community.
  9. spacejam

    Devs does any of you play official?

    have some common sense... your the one taking a clear jest so serious. Try adding three zero's to that is clearly an overestimate to prove a point.
  10. how many other PS4 games let you host your own server to play on with your friends
  11. I've seen 3 year olds throw less tantrums than you people complaining about patches being delayed. A game/patch delayed is better than no game at all.
  12. spacejam

    A question about griefing

    id just leave it mate, the rate at those tickets get answers its pretty dismal, keep it there until they give it up
  13. spacejam

    New sabertooth

    I haven't seen it yet lol, I havnt been on in 2 weeks to busy
  14. spacejam

    #WIPEHYPE But on a different Game ?

    NAww it got moved, Now nobody will see it and its pointless, might as well remove it
  15. Lordy, I kid you not, ive been following the new game Wild West Online coming out, someone literally just posted on that game forum asking if it will be wiped, before its released. For those of you that don't know the game hasn't even been released on alpha yet and people are asking about Wipe's. I Legit Lost it. Made me Think of this forum so much and how much I missed it the arguments