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  1. i also think that we are looking at a new dlc for the game before long to weather its another map or something like that, underwater bases is going to be a massive game changer and maybe they will have to make the underwater region bigger.
  2. i like the early game grind of putting up your first base etc but i hate waiting on the levels and stuff. starting over again with a level 70 character is not much worry but starting over with stone pick and hatchet frustrates me
  3. Final Pass Over HEy guys just a general thought here but i think we might be gettin closer and closer to a final passover and some balance. There are 15 unrealeased dinos left, plus maybe a couple more that just get thrown into the mix last minute. With the rate they are adding dinos atm 4 or 5 every month or some we could be looking at some serious over hauls and balancing in the next 4 or 5 months. So i plan to hang on as best i can for the next 5 months and see what out comes we achieve. Does anyone else has some thoughts on this.
  4. That is more or less 100% the issues player mentality, which is why im still convinced it is a social experiment of the goverment and we are all being watch #Illuminati
  5. i think it might be a little to hard to work into the enviroment. All the mods for buggies are so sketchy its probably not a vialbe option
  6. i barely even used rockets as im usually wiped by them time i start playing with them
  7. im playing on a server now with complete offline raid protections and its pretty frustrating. People Get lazy and annoying when they know they can just leave poop lying around. Random dinos just left all over the place. Thatch huts firgging every where. People just leave all their gates and doors open no one gives a crap. and like 16 day timer its poop house. everyday i fly around trying to destroy poop. but its a very wuiet server and half the people will prboably never come back
  8. sounds Suspiciously Salty ?
  9. while trading across servers is nice. tbh you could definately go without it. if someone want a sweet ptera work for it.
  10. i am slowly playing less and less each day. I dont have it in me to play on an unoffical atm becasue the last 4 ive played on all of a sudden dissappeared. Or they have regular wipes. And playing offical its just not an option for me as a solo player. i Like the idea of being able to tranfer a character to a different server just so you dont have to grind stupid levels again but i feel like you should be able to tranfers Zillions of rockets and dinos.
  11. pvp pve transfer

    it would be ncie jsut to be able to tranfer characters tho as grind from 1-75 is hard but grinding from 75- 95 is 5 times worse
  12. hi guys i had a thought and would love to know what you think about it and weather or not it could be a viaable option for the game. Background info Like most of everyone here i fly around on my bird all day everyday looking, usuall looking for beaver damns that havent been raided and wood left in them or chasing loot drops. pretty sure if your not grinding reasources this is all you do other than looking for tames My idea comes in two parts 1, Imprint your fovourite dino i think for your favourite dino or maybe even 1 from each speices you should be able to imprint at any stage not to gain levels by a means of showing affection and extra earing the loyalty of said creature. By petting it regularly, maybe hand feeding its favourite food on a regualrl basis etc. And thus doing so creating/ unlocking some better features of the dino which leads into my 2nd part 2 Whistle to be picked up if say you have spent the time with your favourite dino for agers and say you decide to go beaver damn hunting or swiming for loot drops i think there would be super handy and awesome option to have a whitsle for flyers or even big carnos to whitsle PICK Up. So say you dropped into the water to get a couple beaver damns , and bam two high level beaver materialize out of no where and hit your for all youve got, you could simply whistle pick up/mount to your flyer or land dino and even sea mount and they would swim to you and you could like instant mount them. no more pesky beavers or even worse pirana's suprise attacking you and the same for pretty much any event weather you jsut out walking about and get surprised by a troodon you could whistle for a pick up and be in some what safer hands but only to a dino that you have spent the time imprints as your favourite dino
  13. dismal at best isnt how i would exsactly state it. More like non exsistant
  14. after my second monitor died i thought ill never be able to look up the information i need in time. Bam Dododex life is good