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  1. you can always join a unofficial server, if you are based in aus Try Sins of ark its a pretty good fresh server
  2. ARGY TAME - Monster tamed a 145 argy that was giving me a hard time in the redwood, I was out looking for the new kento, and this one argy just kept attacking me time and time again, turn around and check bam 145 argy, Switch modes into argy taming mode and kited it all the way back to my base in the swamp. Tamed him out and holy crap did I get a roll, 390 damage after tame. I immediately put him over one of or three of my female argies that are all half decent. 1/3 argies got the damage the other two were sacrificed to the gods for better luck next time. With imprinting this baby argy
  3. I will have to breed a thyla myself for that reason now, it makes perfect sense to take one of them in there
  4. alas my unofficial server is dead and will be getting shutdown soon. it was once regarded as one of the top 10 unofficial servers in ark and has fallen. So me and my mate decided We will start our own server. Tried to keep it much the same as on official with a few mods that don't change the core gameplay at all. 5 times rates for everything. We wanted to build the server so solo and small tribes could actually have a fair go at tech gear. Anyone that is interested server is out of Sydney its called Sins of Ark
  5. started my own server last night as I am sick of the server I paly on being reset every 8 - 10 weeks,
  6. I turned my computer on when I got home, Went out to obtain some food for the afternoon ahead of me. Took my work boots of and decided I didn't want to sit in my dirty work clothes for the arvo and changed. By this time my food was ready I sat down for a brief moment to entertain the lady bits ( girlfriend) and ask her about her day and what not before I disappeared until food once again magically appeared on the table. She was watching what I believed to be some girly show on Netflix, she was 5 minutes into the first episode. I made my mistake by sitting down to eat. 13 reasons why was the
  7. I wonder how his stats will stack up/ maybe another contender for boss fights
  8. got scorched earth over the weekend, went back and tried playing official , spent 40 minutes taming a terrible camel to have it die to the first wolf that walked around the corner, it was 110. Decided officals are just not worth my time investment, back to unofficial tomorrow
  9. Logged on fly to me water pen, Ran out of time for the afternoon, logged out on a rock at my water pen.
  10. me and my tribe mate didn't feel like flying around and being useless, so I loaded up with clubs, traqs and a few c4. we proceed to blow up a few rooms of our base while trying to kill each other
  11. tamed two 150 wolfs while looking for rexes....... I am having trouble finding any rex's over level 15 - 50. for 1 week we haven't spotted any decent argies
  12. 45 minutes until I leave work. 1 hr till im sitting in my room hermit style playing ark. Im currently chasing drops for better saddles etc so swamp cave again followed by a easy underwater cave run. I Might swap one of the runs for a searching session ( fly around for 1 hr looking for anything high level)
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