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  1. jhahahahah holy crap im saying exactly that
  2. I would not call any of this thread so far Complaining, Its more of an open ended discussion
  3. Im going to try this, and then use that New dart that makes everything around you agro on the person. That will be gold this arvo
  4. just brainstorming on that tiny part I bolded, I was thinking if servers were locked due to what dlcs you have on the game. So if you only have the island map on servers with island dinos occur. Other wise I guess its unfair that someone who has more money to buy the dlc can go over to SE and bring a wyverns back to those who cant even access SE
  5. just a little banner you can hang up on the wall like a boss trophy or something
  6. the only exclusive id like to see if on full release if we get an award or something similar that doesn't actually do anything to see we were the alpha testers
  7. ill have to upload it tonight and give it a whirl in SP and see what all the fuss is about.
  8. a couple of my greatest memories of ark is doing the exact same things but only in pvp with one of my tribe mates. His weapon of choice is the club. I like to be sneaky and generally hunt him with the new shock dart while he is doing important things. Makes for most enjoyable afternoons
  9. Question about the map, last I heard the map was still very unfinished and very unstable. has it been worked on some and become more stable ? I am keen to look at that map myself
  10. Spelling is definitely has never been my strongest ability. I am okay with that, it wasn't really a spelling error either more of a typo I didn't proof read. Playing got to catch em all I just play SP
  11. ive been trying to collect all the notes but the servers gets wiped or I get wiped before I get them all. Or its impossible to get them all on a servers because of big bases and guns
  12. More of a man that you'll ever hope to become, little champion. as by this statement you show you belong in the group of weak minded people who cant hack loosing some digital progression in a game and probably blame the people around you for all your faults.
  13. okay as soon as I get home ill give it a whirl. I rather enjoyed force pooping and throwing it at my team mates. It makes me good loll's
  14. doesn't that make dino's around you angry ?
  15. Im not to sure if its just me not paying attention but it seems that I can longer poo on request. When did this happen #bringbackthepoop