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  1. You can download the dino 12 hours after download.
  2. When I have problems with textures, I always have to re-enter the game.
  3. Several times I had a problem with the disappearance of babies in the mawing. They simply disappeared, they are not in the tribe's logs, they are not in the mawing, passengers cannot be removed. I found a solution, the maving needs to be cryopodized, then the babies will appear.
  4. I also had this. Helps to re-login.
  5. You need to get closer to the stalker. Watch the video on YouTube how they tame.
  6. We play on small gen1 (four people), would you like to join?
  7. Ive been playing xbox smalls and I was thinking of making a replicator on genesis part 1, but it doesnt show up in my fabricator as a craftable option. Does anyone else have this issue or is it just my cluster? P.S. I do have the engram for it
  8. You can farm org polymer in the ocean biome by killing Hesperonis, for example with a Bloodstalker.
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