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  1. Jus power punch n the timing to get about gets me enough gel feels too slow using creatures or pick
  2. Just drop baby's out n pick back up will fix the visual glitch of not seeing them
  3. Starwing strike on ps4 is broken,I jus left controller on floor and it completed by its self the dolphin on rails, did gamma bata n alpha doin this not tried again since completing
  4. Not tried junction box as jus using tek gen ,noticed that turrets wen picked up with mek and replaced would also power down and unable to turn on until I pick up n replace myself
  5. Edo Mel = exo mek (tablets auto spell always changing what I don't want )
  6. Hi I have recently unlocked the Edo Mel but found when ever I picked up and placed back down electrical items like the refrigerator, cryo fridges and Tek generator they would no longer be powered. is this intended or a bug? I found if using store mode then placed would power up fine only when in carry mode, no point in picking fridges up if turned off when placed back down and have to grab it's inventory out any way to store and move any one else has issues with it?
  7. Can lead most water creatures up through tunnels to shallow lakes on gen 2 killed alpha Mossa and alpha squids this way and also is easier to tame creatures once separated Still very dangerous and have lost a lot of creatures to the deep Also net gun what u want lead rest away then lead one u want to top
  8. Jus look at what eggs u wanna keep to hatch take rest out and make kibble no crack in no wastage
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