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  1. With every update like this i think that Wildcard dowsn't play their own game! I don't had any problem on any Server with the old Dedi System! Oo Or do they think that this will help that a BAD Server Cluster with Gen2 Maps has a better performance? Everytime the SAME Servers are Crashing at the SAME time! I don't see any sense in this decision! For me now the Dedis are useless now.... ok then back to my Wall of Safes ....
  2. After the patch my 2 VoidWyrms were lost (Rag34)..... I got a bit mad and angry to a few of my male Tribemembers ... Then i realized that i'm not alone with this problem.... Also i can't use the Transmitter.... not the Tek Solo Transmitter nad not the Transmitter on the Stryder either ...
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