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  1. Well if people wanna keep their prisoners then just make chairs unable to be placed on platform saddles, that would fix it too, wouldnt it ? You have to see that potential fixes are easy, the devs are just lazy.
  2. But we already made suggestions to fix the problem... Very simple ones at that, ones that I myself could do if I was a high working staff at Wild Card... We are also blaming the people responsible for flaws so that they fix them, not for misery
  3. Where does it say that they are owned by Snailgames ? I only see spin off ARK titles on the Snail Games website
  4. That has to be the worst statement ever. You have to own up to your mistakes. How can you call someone talking about a mesh in a video and explaining it in single player a "gray" zone ? So now we cant even talk about meshing ? Do you want to silence potential discussions because you cant fix the issue ? Or do you just not want to look like the bad guys ? Well you are the bad guys, you fully baned someone, you have to be responsible for this, you can't just call it a "gray" zone. And even if it was in a "gray" zone which it 100% isn't, you didn't contact H.O.D. to potentially remove the video,
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