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  1. Yeah, but if they added this tool, my concern is precisely that we have dubbed loot in the base taken from another base, and we can't use this command to check on officers, which leaves us vulnerable haha
  2. I don't understand very well what you mean, could you be more specifc if there are ways to know if the loot it's dupped or no? Or if i might have a problem with this with loot i've taken from raided bases?
  3. Hello everyone, Recently, with all the dev wipes for dupes going on, I had a very important question. I'm playing on Small Tribes PvP Steam, and now that my tribe and I are starting to get strong to raid bases with considerable loot. My doubt is: How can I know if any loot from the raided base is duped? I know one of the signs is the excessive amount of loot like tek generators, c4, and hard craft stuff. But what about when I get a little loot, for example 300 C4, but those C4 are dupeds and I don't know that, how can I prevent myself from taking dev wipe? Is there any tolerance regarding this? I'm really scared of raiding bases and gaining some duped loot and taking dev wipe for it, can someone explain better how it's working please?
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