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  1. I signed up, Please add me to your server, i really want to get into a roleplaying server, my mic is broke but if you dont mind i have my keyboard set up to my xbox for quick typing! please add me i looove roleplay!!!
  2. Role Play Tips?

    guessing you play on pc? if on xbox id roleplay with you but no working mic atm
  3. Role Play Tips?

    duude playing as a long lost survivor who has lost his marbles would be awesome, talking to myself and or an object, maybe my guy will be so bonkers he is litteraly looking for marbles, maybe hes forgotten his reasoning for survival now its to find his marbles, lol
  4. Role Play Tips?

    thats awesome!!
  5. How to make ARK more Fresh

    thanks for the tips!
  6. How to make ARK more Fresh

    really good idea might have to try that one!!!
  7. How to make ARK more Fresh

    Thats really cool!
  8. Role Play Tips?

    I was thinking about only using a wolf as a mount
  9. Role Play Tips?

    yeah ive thought about that i could disable the flying dino saddles i guess
  10. Role Play Tips?

    i was more thinking how can i best roleplay with the game mechanics like what should i do and not do?
  11. Role Play Tips?

    sounds fun!
  12. Role Play Tips?

    cool idea
  13. Role Play Tips?

  14. Role Play Tips?

    Hey Guys any tips you could give me on how i could role play, Im playing single player on xbox one so keep that in mind
  15. How to make ARK more Fresh

    lol thanks for the advice! the deep blue scares me poopless to! well any open watter really