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  1. My friend was raided the other day, and has been trying to get her stuff back ever since, but the person who raided her has 95 auto turrets (no joke) and rpgs, Tek riffles, ballistas don’t do ANY damage to the turret, is there anything else she can try to at least destroy 1 turret?? It’s driving her crazy !
  2. Thank you so much! I’ll definitely be trying there next!!!
  3. Does anybody know where 2 tree platforms will place evenly in redwoods to put catwalks connecting to each other? thank you in advance
  4. My friend and I are both tribe members in individual tribes and we want to merge tribes but are afraid of losing our stuff and tames along the way. Is there a way we can make sure not to lose anything and what is the step by step process to do this ?
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