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  1. Hi! I just want to suggest, after the beginner offical server Wild Card could add an " Advanced " server too, where you can go up to lvl 88 ( Double the beginner). Or just upgrade the beginner servers after x amount of time to Advanced servers. There is much we cant learn in the beginner servers now, and the normal servers too hard now after so much time. (Like the newest is 2000+ days old) , and its full with huge bases, and high level dinos everywhere. I read a lot here about official servers, some want wipe, some dont. With advanced servers i think everyone can find what they want.
  2. When new official servers open? All i see is more than 2000+ days old. They are laggy, low fps, and almost every place is builded, and Dinos too strong if you start the server now. Maybe the beginner servers will transform into normal servers after x amount of time?
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