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  1. Will they have in, ark 2, mod support for PC?
  2. Hey everyone, first time here but that's not important. This is, so I play a PS4 but am looking for an opportunity to get a PC because PS4 doesn't have mods but I'm confused because technically it does because a mod is a modification of the certain game and idk if any of you all have played a public non dedicated "Fiber Craft" server but it is basically like this : everything in the game except a tek replicator is fiber which is good for non grieving pvp but with a mod, the mod has to installed on the client (the player) and the main host (server owner) so why does it work? I have been doing r
  3. Can I get some support with downloading mods on PS4 or is it just not possible and will I just have to get a pc to play ark with mods cuz I would like to try s+
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