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  1. An idea for riding dinos with weapons. Try something like the skyrim horse mechanic. it should cover pretty much anything you should need for it. Consider not allowing RPG's while riding dino though.... Have you ever considered adding attachments to saddles? Is there any reason why a saddle cant hold say, a torch? To build off of that, I wonder if it would be too much to make it so some saddles on some dinos can have guns attachment to them. Say a ptera with a couple of assault rifles that are pointed right forward. Dogfights with dinos anyone? For added bonus, make the head the targeting retical. Add harpoon guns, and ichy saddles with harpoon launchers? just some thoughts
  2. they realy are one huge continuous ruin. looks like an aztec/cliff dwelling civilization built them. yeh they do look a little cleaned up, but the busted up walls and barely-there bridges are fun to look around in
  3. i too hope ruins end up being fairly expansive, if not in this iteration, then the next. Valhalla also has some nice ruins i think look great
  4. can we get a teaser on what ruins will be about as a consolidation prize? pretty please?
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