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  1. There must be lots of friendly players, who have been attacked by hostile takeovers of bigger tribes, that are now struggling to find new servers to get milk and eggs. We should form our own big SE alliance and defend the server of our choice and take it for ourselves. I already have an alpha base on another server but not the man power to take over a new server. pm me if anyone wants to join, but everyone needs to help with resources to build defences, this isn't a free ride!
  2. I am looking to form an alliance with many players who just want a safe passage for scorched earth to get milk and eggs. I am sick of servers turning hostile after I have already been there for weeks. We should not leave and form an alliance and fight back against any hostile takeover.
  3. don't have several backups stored from previous days stored on separate drives?
  4. I have lost confidence in putting any real hard work into this game in case there are more rollbacks. Ark will never feel the same again! 10 hours solid building all by myself to lose everything!
  5. Not sure what is wrong with these so called Alpha tribes on Scortched Earth! i normally play on The Island map the community is good, new players can be helped and are welcome to start up new tribes. But Every Scortched Earth Server I have tried so far are all the same power driven alpha tribes vocally saying we don't want new players here! Wiping every low tribe till they leave. The arks are blocked and now supply drops are getting more blocked with a metal base or a vault underneath it. Its impossible to go to SE and start playing. Why are the Devs not sorting this rubbish out? give us brand new SE servers so new tribes can play and get rid of this blocking arks,supply drops with vaults or metal bases. ps. If anyone can prove to me that your SE is welcoming then I would like to join it.
  6. Good idea. Anything is better than how it is right now! Also during the season pvp kills should be +1 point per player killed. Currently fighting early and losing 20 + points is ridiculas. At least if you kill some players before you die it won't be as bad a loss.
  7. If you have to babysit a tame for 3hrs then that's just stupid. If you could fill up a dino with meat and remote feed the narcos at the start then log out the game and come back in 3 hours that would be easier and I could live with that. If not then I'm not sure I want to buy this game yet. I'll stick to sotf.
  8. Sometimes you are forced into hiding because I had a fight earlier and lost my tames. I worked for my tames and I wanted to fight before getting to the centre, unlike players that don't fight until the centre! So hiding is valid tactic until it right time to strike. i dont agree with hiding outside the ring of death, or using fast tames to abuse it. Ring of death should damage players over time. Until they chnage this then sotf will always be totally lame! Esport..In their dreams!
  9. After the ring has closed in, anyone sat on a rex doesn't fight. Nothing happens, kinda boring to watch. To make players more pro-active to want to fight each other I suggest dino health should slowly drain at this stage when the ring has closed in. This would mean players know they won't be able to sit on their rex forever and need to do something before they are running around on the ground. If they kill other players or player tames then their dino health should get boosted so they can last longer. At the moment it's just a stalemate for 50 mins and you have got to rely on hail to the king all the time.
  10. I won with a single narco trap, I only had a bow , other guy had guns and he killed all other big tames first. so overpowered that it's easy to drop one at your feet in a bow fight without other guy knowing. I die and win bow fights to this.
  11. We have probably all seen it. You hit a Dodo in the head twice and its still alive even though you can see the arrows sticking out its head. same thing when fighting players. Player couldn't hit me at first but my arrows were landing and he had arrows sticking out all over. Why is he not dead? All full power shots too! I guess it's down to luck! please fix this!
  12. Did you fix this? I've just started getting this. Update: nevermind i fixed it with a disk cleanup and scan.
  13. Fair enough. Yes it did look strange and I already knew who the other guy was(Teamspeak linked)
  14. Two guys jumped me, I got away then I found them both together taming two spinos. I killed them both but I can't report them as I don't know there steam ids. I have video but useless! It's a broken system for reporting teamers as it requires a steam I'd to fill in on the form.
  15. Once a cheat..always a cheat!