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  1. This is so cool I like the new creatures and the cool new map it’s so unique because the desert and the forest are separated by an ocean. I also like snow area and how there are so many base locations such as the snow castle, the tower, and the red wood castle. I’m talking about the lost island if you did not know
  2. The Australovenator wintonensis is a species of megaraptora such as the mega raptor. It’s claws were most likely used for slicing and possibly grabbing. If this Australian dinosaur makes it into ARK it might be able to carry small dinosaurs’ eggs’ and possibly people as well. It might also be able to jump as high as an ARK raptor. This dinosaur most likely had a colour scheme of yellow’ and orange to blend in with the old Australian outback so it would spawn in deserts but the first australovenator was found in a billabong given it the nick name banjo after Banjo Patterson. So it would also spawn in swamps. But hey these are just my ideas so who knows what would happen if the australovenator gets into ARK and that’s still a pretty big if. Also likes music and is passive tame so you need music to distract it so you can tame it. Great for mobility. Like all matter of meat. Finally it is a great way to get tree sap and has a pretty tough hide so it is immune to bleeding and can break through wooden structures
  3. Some pretty nice fan art and also I would like to submit this creature to ark the deinocheirus
  4. Look the Dinopethicus may be a little bit disappointing but look on the bright side we still get two new other creatures such Amargasaurus and a mystery Dino. So we still got things to be excited about
  5. I really love the idea of another monke creature in ark because you can nether have to much monke and it fits well with the lost islands forest areas and mountains overall it’s cool

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