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  1. Going to epic. Looking forward to the hair styles, getting tired of seeing people that look the same.
  2. The warpaint was sick. Congrats bro.
  3. What is up with the anime dossiers? The kraken... Seriously, when I think of a kraken I'm thinking of the huge squid that brings down boats or something more menacing. That Dodo armor though, I'd make an army of blood-ravaged dodos.
  4. 95 Metal Ingots for the LN Rifle I know the feels man. Just hang in there.
  5. Better paying the $35 and sometimes getting in than paying the full $60 in about 5 months and getting in everytime huh?
  6. Thank You man!! Definitely keeping up with this.
  7. Is there a place on here where they have a list of the dinos and equipment that will be coming to ARK?
  8. Does anyone know how to find a server once you exit out of the game? The game crashed and when I went back in the game. I didn't know which one was my server...
  9. 11. Just hope the servers don't crash and the game renders easy.
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