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  1. Aren't you guys Tired o Rex and Spino?, They are the only Carnivores of their size , The giga is like a boss it is not included, We need more strong dinos to face the bosses and to use in pvp , We should give Carcharodontosaurus a try. The rest of the Carnivores are not as strong as The rex and the spino, It would be great tho have a third strong dino Added.
  2. It's the community that is choosing, I really think they WILL launch IT with some nice abilities, Do you really think they will bring the monkey with all the abilities we wrote??It won't use guns!! THEY WILL CHOOSE THE ABILITIES. Now we don't have all the biggest land Carnivores in the game, In my opinion A carcharodonto will be much better to this map, They will just launch a useless dinophitecus if it wins.
  3. What's happening to us????, If we let them take the lead we will lose it, Let's do something Team Carcha!!!!!!
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