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  1. Can Heavy Auto Turrets Be Put On Rafts? I have always wondered the answer to this?
  2. acat- Thank you sir! This is amazing stuff!
  3. Advanced Cooking Question(s) Hi Guys, I feel so inadequate posting this question as a buddy of mine told me something today that i have not known about since beta that is related to cooking in Ark. Basically, he tells me to have a dedicated "cook" in our tribe that increases the chance to learn special (or custom?) recipes every time he cooks? I know *nothing* of this. Is it true, how do you go hardcore with it, do I need to beacon to all different or specific maps, etc? Thank you in advance for your explanations. -General Shogun
  4. Where do I find Official announcements on weekend bonus... ...bonuses like 1.5x XP, Taming etc. Sorry, I am not able to find it anywhere
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