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  1. There are far more than 100 servers affected. The real question is... WHY IS THERE NO OFFICIAL RESPONSE TO THIS!!!!!!!
  2. New Server Transfer Time Limit Does anyone know how old (in in-game days I suppose?) a new server has to be before character transfers to that server are allowed? Thanks, Sho
  3. I'm not quite sure how to answer...what I call a "legacy" is from ~18 months ago when the legacy servers transitioned and were wiped. What I can say, however, is both servers are of the same type and both listed on the same "Cluster Session". I hope I answered what you were asking? It's very frustrating that I cannot join my tribe on the Ragnarok server mentioned above without creating a brand new character (which I am not going to do).
  4. I had a level 26 on the rag server and transferred him off to an Island server. I then created a new toon on a different Island server and leveled him to 70 in about an hour. I have tried going to several different pillars/tributes and the red obelisk to transfer him out to the Ragnarok server...it shows on the Cluster Session list, I can even click and highlight the Rag server, it just wont highlight nor let me "Join With Survivor". I am dumbfounded. Any suggestions?
  5. My question has nothing to do with the French language and x2 multiplier; take that comment to another thread please. Does anyone know a solution or have an answer to my question from the OP?
  6. Unable To Transfer Character.... So, I have transferred between many servers over the last year or so without incident or trouble until now... I leveled a toon quickly to 70 on The Island on the same cluster as a Ragnarok server my tribe has moved to, but the character transfer at the obelisk won't let me "Join With Survivor" even though the Ragnarok shows as an option within the cluster; I can click on the server to join it, but the "Join With Survivor" button doesn't highlight and is not clickable. Any idea why? Is there some rule I am unaware of like the Ragnarok server being too
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